70 Years Jeep of Military 1Zero hour in the middle of war

Four letters, four-wheel drive: Jeep. The name stands for automobile has become off-road expertise. At his birth, this vehicle is a real war child was placed in the car world is the idea of ​​a rugged, all-terrain and inexpensively in large quantities produced “soldiers” on four wheels on 23 July 1941. On that day, the American small car manufacturer Willys-Overland of the U.S. Army official order for the construction of 16,000 “Willys MB”. The contract is also the birth certificate of a whole new vehicle class – and a global brand: jeep.
70 Years Jeep of Military 2Time is running out

Its beginnings date back a few years. Already in 1938, the procurement office of the U. S. Army wrote to 135 local vehicle manufacturers to four-wheeled replacement for the previously used courier motorcycles with sidecars, and the comparatively clumsy to find the Model T Ford. The bidding profile has it all: light and agile, robust and reliable should the vehicle move, plus four-wheel drive off-road setting and at least 250 kg payload. Time is short. Given the upgrading of the Third Reich and the early successes of the German war machine unleashed highest urgency: No wonder that the time constraints of the Army top brass are strict. Within 49 days of construction plans and a first prototype are to be delivered for another 26 days later, 70 copies for testing first practice test. Only two manufacturers are willing to face this challenge.
70 Years Jeep of Military 3Gets the award

Although initially the rival American Bantam ahead and at the instigation of the U.S. government and Ford has introduced a model that finally receives the Willys-Overland state commission. After extensive tests, the prototype is “Willys Quad” by the result, with its 44 kW/60 PS strongest and most reliable “Go-Devil” engine. The basic price is 738.74 U.S. dollars is relatively cheap. Finally goes into production of the Willys MA (“Military Model, variant A”), based in turn on an earlier prototype of American Bantam. A little later, the technically improved successor to Willys MB is reloading.70 Years Jeep of Military 5

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