audi e tronspyder 1It is not that Audi had no small roadster. But true sports car fans turn up the drive concept of the open TT’s nose. The standard provides a few typical front-wheel drive roadster. Top models as TTS and TT RS, the Ingolstadt her competitor for the Boxster, SLK and Z4 offer but with a four-wheel drive. But the TT is the only sport in the quartet, which is one way to a front-drive platform for purists not to forgiving taint is a fun roadster. Even the upcoming TT-series to arrive at dealerships in 2013, is back on the road on a platform for transverse engine with front wheel drive and four-wheel option.
audi e tronspyder 2Audi’s model range could be a compact open joker with rear-wheel-heavy design – from rear wheel drive, we want not only to dream – good use. In this gap may reflect a broad range version of the e-tron Spyder make excellent – if you ever build one. For the first time to admire the open Audi prototype at the Paris Motor Show was in autumn 2010. Who the e-tron Spyder now looks away from the halls and flashlights in the morning light in the mountains north of Malibu, can only dream that there is an early series transformation. However, development engineer Uwe Haller shakes his head vehemently. “In this form of e-tron Spyder, not a reality. We are concerned with the design and gain experience with the drive concept to make. “audi e tronspyder 3Strong performance, low consumption
The drive of the Audi interesting e-tron Spyder is currently unique. In the rear of fun roadster thundered the recently introduced diesel power with three-liter, 313 hp and 650 Nm of torque. But as the journey begins, is no more road noise than the wide tires to be heard. The reason is simple. The earthy-crunchy two-seater with the nearly cut in the windshield visor look not only has the V6 diesel power, but also two additional electric motors. While each of the 32 kW and 352 Nm power packages supplied with the front axle capacity, the drives when not appreciably encapsulated prototype diesel engine to the rear axle. “You can use the e-tron Spyder, for example, all-electric drive out a large space such as Los Angeles, and then here in the mountains along the winding streets of its fun,” says Uwe Haller, “The battery range is around 50 kilometers. “The calculated standard consumption of 2.2 liters of diesel per 100 kilometers is more impressive than 0 to 100 km / h in 4.4 seconds and an imaginary speed of 250 km / h.
audi e tronspyder 4Soon it becomes clear how Uwe Haller imagines that, because the Audi e-tron Spyder is the requirement to immediately consistent. After the 4.06 meter long and has only 1.11 meters high Roadster brought the first all-electric miles behind and the first turns uphill rise of one, the three-liter common rail diesel is blowing in the rear to the vehement attack. Biting is the torquey diesel from its power to the rear axle. The electric motors boost front, meanwhile, voices in unison. To drive such it can be. As soon as you pressed the accelerator powerful, the potentiometer is in the sparse cockpit of the prototype at 100 percent and the engine turns into the limiter. “The whistling sounds come from a bypass in the engine,” admits the prototype expert Uwe Haller almost apologetically, while the open-wheel drive vehicle hisses through the Mulholland hills. This clever curving around it enough and confident, although the prototype with 1650 kg weighs about 200 kg more than Audi has earmarked a target weight for an eventual production model. Driving dynamics benefit from the e-tron Spyder jedochim contrast to many other Audi models, the ideal weight distribution of e tronspyder 5Unfortunately, it is already clear: Once again, it will not create an interesting study technology from Audi in the series. For more examples? The short version of the Audi RS5, presented in Paris in the 2010 Quattro Concept with 408-hp five-cylinder turbo, is now become almost finished. But even for the legitimate successor of the legendary Quattro Sport is available for a small series still no green light. The omnipotent Audi R8 V12 TDI with the brute of the Q7 V12 diesel also fell victim to the cutbacks in Ingolstadt. It is time for the busy Bayern sacked once again one of the most interesting studies in the series. That was only the last of the luxury coupe than A7 A6 succeeded. But it seems not impossible that the basic concept of e-tron Spyder has a future opportunity. In addition to the sports coupe-duet from TT and TT Roadster sports a true roadster like a little brother to the R8 would be quite conceivable. Here one would have to agree only with the Renault-Nissan group. The term “R4″ may still be occupied.

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