Audi R8 1Audi R8 first introduced on the first mid-engined sports car for the 2008 model year, and the model is almost unchanged in basic equipment remained. The base 4.2 R8 has a 420 hp V8 engine with high-and four-wheel drive. Uses a mid-engine Lamborghini Gallardo platform, Place in the BMW M6, Porsche 911 and Aston Martin Vantage.

The car is surrounded with a choice of LED or Xenon headlamps with LED lights and turn signals. The LEDs are visible in the engine room of the impressive V8 used in the night. Both offer a standard manual and automatic transmissions. Alleged zero to 62 mph time of 4.6 seconds, but this figure is probably conservative.

InteriorAudi R8 2The interior is driver-oriented cockpit architecture, integrating the driver between the dashboard and center console high. The instrument panel above the console is angled slightly towards the driver. Flat-bottom steering wheel is a typical feature of the sportiest Audi models, and also enables comfortable sports car entry and exit.

Sport seats are included in the standard leather / Alcantara combination, or optionally in the skin. Alternatively, the R8 is equipped with specially designed seats, quattro GmbH. There is ample space for two people with comfort far beyond the standard high-performance sports cars. This is the space behind the seats big bags or even two golf bags mountains. Front luggage compartment has a capacity of 100 liters.

With many combinations of functions and applications in Piano finish or Carbon sigma, there are several limitations of adaptation options for the interior.

At 7800 RPM, 4.2-liter engine provides 309 kW (420 hp). Maximum torque is 430 Nm from 4500 to 6000 revolutions per minute. And no fewer than 90 percent of the maximum torque is constant over a wide speed range 3500-7600 rpm. Because of these properties offers eight-cylinder in most driving situations quite a coup.

The engine is throwing the device. Maximum speed is 8250 revolutions per minute. Two transmissions are available: manual 6-speed manual gearbox or optionally the Audi R electronic sequential gearbox with joystick lever on the center console devices, namely the shift paddles mounted on the handlebars. “Shift-by-wire for extremely fast switching times and excellent power to weight ratio, combined with compact dimensions of the device. Sport mode for rapid switching, the absolute maximum driving pleasure guaranteed. Automatic mode can be selected.

The car is equipped with four-wheel drive, which distributes the power variably equipped with front and rear axle via a viscous coupling. The Audi R8 the legendary quattro system is adapted to the axle load distribution typical of mid-engined vehicle.


Audi R8 1 3Suspension with forged aluminum double-hinged front and rear. On the front are triangular in shape, while the back of the upper triangular and has a lower arm with a stick. This ensures the optimum position and geometry of the bike, which proved an ideal solution that provides flexibility, maximum steering precision and precisely defined self management behavior.

Direct, hydraulic rack and pinion steering provides optimum feedback to assist the driver.

Spring damper settings to ensure maximum driving dynamics of rigid, yet an amazing degree of comfort. This is especially true when the ‘Audi magnetic ride’ adaptive damper system is selected as an alternative to standard gas shock absorbers.

Instead of conventional damper fluid, a magnetorheological fluid used – in other words, a fluid whose viscosity using an electromagnetic field influence. This effect allows the damping characteristics influence electronically at any time and immediately so that the voltage on electromagnets.

Audi magnetic ride uses this property for precise damping forces in every driving situation. The computer determines the circumstances in a few milliseconds. The driver can choose between two transitional programs, depending on whether they want to go to a very sporty style – with the magnetorheological fluid can be adapted to a low viscosity – or with the emphasis more on ride comfort.Audi R8 4Audi R8 is equipped with 6-arm 18-inch wheels and can be upgraded with 19-inch wheels. 235/40 front and 285/35 at the rear provide the necessary grip. Mid-engine sports car, a long wheelbase and extremely low center of gravity ensure that it always retains maximum stability.

Xenon plus headlights, LED rear lights and daytime running lights, 18-inch alloy wheels, audio system with 7-inch monitor, alarm and Leather / Alcantara interior trim are just some of the items on the extensive list of standard features.

Range options include a Bang & Olufsen Sound System with a capacity of 465 watts and 12 specially for the speakers. The microphone-based vehicle noise compensation system adjusts audio levels to changes in road conditions and speed.

The acoustic parking system and rear camera helps the driver to maneuver in small spaces. The radio / navigation system plus with a large color display and MMI keypad combines extensive functionality with the greatest ease.

Eight exterior colors are available, from Ibis White Phantom Pearl.

Audi R8 is created based on a small lot production line in a specially constructed new block at the Audi plant in Neckarsulm. The entire production process – from body building to final assembly – is well organized as a craft business. Small teams of specialists accompany every step of production, each of up to 15 cars per day built on quality.


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