Audi S5 Luxury Sports 1Audi with groups such as Lexus, Mercedes, BMW and even Jaguar of the forgotten stepchild of the automotive world of luxury. Now before I directly from their seats in the defense of their brand, the Saints, a Loyalist Audi wants his note you that you have a Lexus, beamer or Benz on every street corner in America can find. During this time, with a few exceptions look a person in an urban area to an Audi. 1 in 1050 people bought a Lexus in the United States in 2007. 1 in 1000 people bought a Benz or BMW. 1 3200 customers have an Audi. Audi is less than one of these items only and sell them one of the above mentioned brands less than models in the world. But why is that? Fear steps of the Audi fans. Unlike Brutus brings me to the praise of Caesar, not step to bury.
Audi S5 Luxury Sports 2 

Until the R8 could seems a sexy car make it almost like Audi. Please, sedans and coupes, sexy step can double this beach balls. After the Audi R8 is there, if the company had a revelation: sales of sports car! And now, came the S5. The S5 is downright sexy. It is a beautiful Coupe with beautiful lines and more than 350 horses, which raged. In the Interior of the cabin is what you expect from a sports car-price environment. Audi multi media interface is similar to I-drive BMW. The entire cabin is very ergonomic, to say the least. Audi Gets an A + in every category if the S5.

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