Bentley Continental GTC 1Automobile conservatism
You could call it the “Porsche-911-principle,” which Bentley Chief Designer Dirk practiced Braeckel of the new Continental GTC. Only on closer inspection, differences account for its predecessor. “We just keep our line”, defended by the conservative style Braeckel. Must have the GTC including round headlights again, because eventually adorn a Bentley for over 90 years. Nevertheless, the body of the four-seat luxury convertible, on 13 September its world premiere at the IAA in Frankfurt, is completely new. Almost no metal part was taken over by the old Continental produced since 2006. For the front fenders – now made of aluminum – even a special forming process has been used in aircraft, which does not seam or welded joints. Goal: You want the look and charisma will receive a hand-made sheet metal part. Even larger is the written word is traditionally manufactured in the interior. Who participates in the new Continental GTC place, not to believe at first believe his eyes and raises the question: how is it just possible, soft leather, rich woods, plush carpets and metal combine to cool so skillfully and tastefully with one another? To achieve a higher comfort factor in an automobile may be difficult. This also applies when the thick-lined hood has put in wrinkles and increases the pleasure of driving again. It is needless to say, that is fanned by a cool wind inmates heated air from the headrests.
Bentley Continental GTC interior 1Performance in abundance
Its sporty nature, the Continental GTC meet not only with a wider track, a more direct steering, retuned suspension and a modified four-wheel drive, but also with the famous twelve-cylinder engine from the Volkswagen Group. The 412 kW/560 hp W12 increases from 423 kW/575 hp and now sent instead of 650 now 700 Nm at the ZF six-speed automatic, whose switching times could be reduced by half to 200 milliseconds. Values ​​that one needs neither to the astonished troubled Cote d’Azure or on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills or on the Hamburg Elbchaussee. Nevertheless, we are proud to Bentley to give the GTC with a peak of 314 km / h on the title of the fastest four-seater convertible range. If that is important, with the order of € 200,000 hurry expensive cars. Because next year the Continental as part of the general downsizing strategy to get a 4.0-liter V8 from Audi.
Bentley Continental GTC interior 2Other countries
The shops are currently underway at Bentley magnificent. In the USA in the first half-year 29 percent more vehicles sold than in the same period last year. In China, there are 54 percent and in Germany (nine distributors) reach 69 percent. The former Porsche Development Board has, since the first February 2011, the line of the traditional British brand. That you do not lump all the customers with the same brush, may Bentley most apparent in China, which has displaced the first quarter’s home country Great Britain in third. The Chinese customer is 38 years with an average 25 years younger than the European or American. Bentley Continental GTC 2

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