BMW 1 Series APP 1Racing, with war paint
Deep, broad and tidy with war paint, he crouches over the asphalt, the 1 M Advanced Performance Parts from the Bavarian Igling. Racing in the highly aggressive supersport BMW Compact offers already from the factory, this one is here but still belong on top. This begins with the new engine tuning for the three-liter twin-turbo in-line sixes, the app delivers confidence in the hands of partner MR Car Design. 410 horsepower – an increase of 70 horses – a MR gets larger intercooler, silicone hoses, issued a weight-optimized titanium exhaust system and the optimization of the engine electronics.BMW 1 Series APP 2High-tech for all occasions
Racing character APP hammered not only the M-units, but also the most beneficial components of the driving dynamics. Behind much delay on a diet set ATS Superlight-19-inch wheels with Pirelli P-Zero tires outrageously expensive ceramic brakes Movit, with six front-, rear-and four-piston calipers. The standard suspension eventually replace the Swabians against a high-tech derivative of the House KW. The brand-new coil-over suspension with electronic damper adjustment (from the interior, even by iPhone-App) wants to convince both on the racetrack and in everyday life.BMW 1 Series APP 3Coherent overall concept, expensive
One for the interior sets for APP on the competence of the BMW Performance Department. The bucket seats and steering wheel, the display of the Munich-division match at full throttle with its Alcantara upholstery on the remaining outstanding interior design. A strip-foliation in orange, black and gray makes use of the CFC Weilheim Racing incisor alignment of the APP also visible from the outside. Has the total package Iglinger So it is in the pricing, unfortunately. 14,000 euros will be for the conversion of APP to the 1 Series Coupe M due, without ceramic brakes, of course. The extra costs 20,000 euros again.BMW 1 Series APP 4

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