BMW 328 hommage 1The legendary BMW 328 celebrates its 75th Birthday. Committed is the anniversary with a new interpretation of the sports car, the BMW 328 was an homage, unveiled at the Villa d’Este. The BMW 328 set in the 30 years the standard for lightweight and aerodynamic lines. Accordingly, he successfully continued in the racing scene and also marked the still valid today average speed record at the Mille Miglia. To celebrate the anniversary of the sports car due to BMW has given some thought to how they could transfer the concept of the BMW 328 in the modern era. The result was the BMW 328 was a tribute that celebrates the Villa d’Este on Lake Como premiere.
BMW 328 hommage 2Carbon fiber construction in full view
Modern lightweight and thus leads logically to carbon fiber reinforced plastic, and that is the stuff that also pays homage to the BMW 328 is formed. And so you see how easy the homage is built, each carbon fiber surface is also visible running. Extreme wedge shape and flat with the two-seat roadster crouches on the road. The wind is opposed by a centrally lowered windshield fragment. Behind the passengers to take two scoops on the alignment of the long hood. The door spaces as it was cut low and must then refrain from such doors.
BMW 328 hommage 3The front of the BMW 328 is a tribute of several ventilation openings through it, which should blow the the built-in three-liter inline six-cylinder sufficient air. At the rear tail lamps in minimalist L-shape with large apertures and openings have been combined. The two round tailpipes peek out through a grille insert.BMW 328 hommage 4BMW and again tried with the 328 tribute to the Villa D’Este, the bridge to the historical model. Sun span across the hood of the four leather straps in the polished aluminum eyelets. Flanking modern quick-release fasteners secure the hold of the hood. The large round headlights and the sublime were also derived from the original fuel filler. Even the multi-piece light-alloy wheels of the BMW 328 was inspired homage to the original model.
BMW 328 hommage 5Apparently free-floating elements should also breathe into the interior of the BMW 328 tribute ease. The brown leather interior and aluminum trim different quote again the history. As a single round instrument dominates the prominent tachometer, the Spartan instrumentation. Similar to the cockpit of the BMW 328, the instrument cluster shows besides the speed to only oil temperature, oil pressure and water temperature. The right of the tachometer complete control lights and a gearshift point indicator, the instrument cluster. The instrument cluster is complemented by a Tripmaster. Two iPhones take over the BMW 328 tribute to the Villa D’Este other display functions. In order for the anniversary model is then but clearly arrived in modern times.BMW 328 hommage 6

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