BMW M Festival 2011 1
The BMW M works Festival 2011 seems like a magnet for the owners of vehicles from Garching and so it happens that many attractive vehicles in the parking lot of the M find festivals. We will upload in the next few days many images, but is the beginning of a particularly interesting BMW to make first Coupe M3.
BMW M Festival 2011 2
The M3 is Parklane BMW from London and into frozen black paint, which alone ensures some attention. Thanks to the red-painted alloy wheels and exterior mirror caps the unique stands out but even more clearly from the crowd, without overdoing it. Also in the Interior of exterior colors can be found, because in addition to the dominant color of black, there are also red accents in the form of appropriate contrast seams.
BMW M Festival 2011 3
BMW M Festival 2011 4
BMW M Festival 2011 5
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