BMW M3 F30 14Still no one knows what the new BMW of 3 Series Sedan F30 will look like with security, but in Munich working with high pressure on the next top model from Garching. While the normal variants of F30 will be available in the spring of 2012, the traders and are to be presented this year, we have to wait us anything in the case of new M3. Compared to previous M3 generations, the waiting time drops out but still significantly shorter, because one waits in Munich obviously not up to the launch of the new 4 coupes F32, which will take the place of the 3 Series . Instead there will be relatively soon a M3 on the basis of the sedan after the show, possibly even before the performance of new two-door vehicle. The latest Spyshots in, a prototype of the strongest F30 variant showing us in close to the test centre in Aschheim provide with first tangible indication of the new M3.

Under the hood of the now fifth BMW M3 the fuel is only still in six cylinders, is the high speed suction V8 used current M3 unfortunately is related to the consumption of the standard and the increasingly strict EU regulations as a template for the new engine. Despite less capacity and fewer cylinders, the BMW M3 F30 not only a much lower standard consumption, but also more power as well as a much earlier en-suite and also higher torque is designed to provide. These objectives should be achieved through a complex turbocharging, which according to latest reports from the rumor mill three turbochargers could play a role. Overall, about 450 HP to the rear wheels to be released and naturally provide better performance than the current generation.

In terms of chassis is similar to like in the new BMW with a technology Fireworks expected M5 F10, which can be numerous options to configure of the driving the driver. Although the M3 without question sports as the big brother is positioned, he also in everyday life to offer a proper degree of comfort and annoy customers not with excessive force if these they do not want. At your fingertips can be decided then, at any time, how much hardness you want to have just in the chassis.

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