BMW NL Munich shows 1When it comes to the first impression of a car, the colour plays beside the design the lead role. White, an impressive comeback celebrated here in the last few years and occurs especially in sports and athletic-inspired vehicles more often because it can work very dynamically in combination with some black accents.
BMW NL Munich shows 2If you also look that white is also the traditional colour of German cars in motor sport, if M3 the vehicle to an icon such as the BMW and in addition to the white paint still decorative stripes in the colours of BMW Motorsport are appropriate, clear, the eyes are likely to light many fans. Exactly such a vehicle is currently at the BMW subsidiary Munich and waiting for a buyer who has called 98.120 Euro at hand and no problem with curious and admiring looks.
BMW NL Munich shows 3
The painting is by the way not uni painting alpine white, but the metallic hue mineral white still clearly brilliant acting as alpine white in the right light. For the necessary black accents, various components of the program of BMW ensure performance, where are the alloy wheels Y-spoke 359 in black, as well as the produced carbon front splitter, rear spoiler and the exterior mirror caps to name a few in the first place.
BMW NL Munich shows 4
The kidneys also are in black and complete the contrast on the exterior. Inside the typical M3 elements such as the M logo embossed in the headrests or to more than 8,000 rpm range tachometer provide Alcantara steering wheel and the interior trim carbon next to the M performance sporty flair.
BMW NL Munich shows 5
Thanks to his 420 PS strong V8 high speed motor, the dual-clutch transmission is the shown M3 also followed the optical announcements and accelerates in just 4.6 seconds to 100 km/h. Even more impressive than the longitudinal dynamics the transverse momentum turns out but M3 typical in the M3 Coupe with competition package also still today represents benchmark.
BMW NL Munich shows 6
BMW NL Munich shows 7
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