2011 BMW Z4 Roadster 1Is completely updated for the web special BMW Z4 Roadster BMW.de on it yet, but at least there is already updated and the models from 2011 price list as PDF file download. As announced, the two are so far with free-breathing in-line six-cylinder BMW Z4 models offered sDrive23i and Z4 sDrive30i now no longer available and replaced by options sDrive20i Z4 and Z4 sDrive28i with a turbocharged four-cylinder.
2011 BMW Z4 Roadster 2The starting price in the world of the BMW Z4 Roadster remains with 36 400 € exactly the same, but you get the new base model Z4 sDrive20i “only” a turbocharged four-cylinder with 184 hp, while the previously offered Z4 points sDrive23i with the sound of the inline six cylinder and 204 hp could. The price for the Z4 sDrive28i with 245 hp is at € 43 400 and is thus identical to the Z4 sDrive30i no longer offered with 258 hp and six cylinders. Visually, the new models will not differ from their predecessors and have two tailpipes on the left.
2011 BMW Z4 Roadster 3The price list also includes the following changes are obvious:

The Z4 is sDrive35i future delivered as standard with alloy wheels in 18 inch multi-spoke 293, while it was previously limited to 17-inch. For the new four-cylinder, there is a surcharge of € 2350 an eight-speed automatic was offered so far for the six-cylinder for the same price, only a six-step automatic available.

  1. The previous 250-euro Servotronic is now available for all series models (previously only for sDrive35is).
  2. The previously available package design Pure White is eliminated and is replaced by the new package design Pure Balance. Exclusively for this package is the exterior color white mineral available. In addition, there is as yet the package design Pure Impulse.
  3. The price for the cruise control with brake function, increasing from 330 to 340 €.
  4. The price of the DVD changer is reduced from 600 to 500 €, the CD changer is not necessary.
  5. The prize for the windscreen rises from 270 to 290 €.
  6. The accessories range now includes a carbon front splitter (592 €) and a 300-euro sports diffuser for models with M Sport package. Moreover the price rises for the electronic logbook of 899 to 990 € for the short whip antenna from 19 to 22 €.

2010 Bmw Z4 Roadster 4Prices for BMW Service Inclusive been raised slightly for models with six cylinders, the new four-cylinder, however, are considerably cheaper. New is the offer Service Inclusive Plus, which includes some wear and tear repairs.2011 BMW Z4 Roadster new price list

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