Bugatti Aerolithe Concept 1Reinterpretation of the future
Truly masterful! The praise which Douglas Hogg for his design work reaps may not be big enough. With his final work at Coventry University, the budding designer creates a prominent entrance into the world of curves and edges. He takes the Bugatti Aerolithe 1935er model and transported to the concept in 2025. Thus, not only the design is very futuristic, and the development of the drive should take some time to the production stage to complete.Bugatti Aerolithe Concept 2Advanced materials, classic proportions
There is no further development of Bugatti’s design language, but a continuation of the original Aerolithe. Hogg takes over from him as the split front and rear windows and the sweeping wing. At the in-house study Bugatti 16C Galibier, the daughter of the VW unveiled at the IAA, split rear window is also sichdie again. The big attraction is the Door concept. The doors open, including split windshield in the direction of travel. Hogg’s 4.85 meters long, 1.99 meters wide and just 1.22 meters high with a proportional Konzeptfahrzeugbesticht also extremely long hood and short overhangs. As the material for his creation provides Hogg carbon, titanium, magnesium and aluminum. The design should have a drag coefficient of 0.24 and so special to be streamlined. The 23-inch titanium wheels underscore the sweeping shapes of the fenders. The futuristic interior takes up the center bar on as well. On this there is a small button with which the gears are shifted. The steering wheel is sporty edgy. The circular instruments are centrally located.
Bugatti Aerolithe Concept 3Alternative turbine
The drive, which imagines Douglas Hogg for his AerolitheConcept is almost more futuristic than the design itself of environmental awareness and alternative fuels are also a big issue. He favors a hybrid of micro-turbine and electric motor with nickel hybrid battery. The micro-turbine is to simultaneously run on gasoline, diesel, propane, kerosene, paraffin and alcohol. A total of 450 horses to make the drive and transfer it smoothly to the rear wheels. 200 hp gives it alone the turbine. Douglas Hogg indicates the range of 1280 kilometers in pure electric mode to be realistic, 50 km. The young designer seems to have thought of everything, even a prize he has been targeted. 2025 could cost the Aerolithe in the serial version 1.1 Million Euro. We can only hope that the rising inflation by then severe. Because then we could not afford the new Aerolithe in 15 years maybe.Bugatti Aerolithe Concept 4

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