Bugatti L'Or Blanc 2The white gold
Porcelain and what car have in common? Nothing really. The luxury car manufacturer Bugatti has now made ​​the step but one unique porcelain called “L’Or Blanc” (in German: White Gold) made​​. The vehicle complies with the open Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport, but both the body and the interior is adorned with elements of high quality porcelain. It was created in collaboration with the Royal Porcelain Factory in Berlin. So much for exclusivity has its price. Who wants to have the porcelain-Bugatti, must shell out for € 1.65 million.Bugatti L'Or Blanc 1First there is the unique
The cooperation rate both the manufacture as well as the luxury car manufacturer as a successful challenge. According to Stefan Bruges, head of sales and marketing of Bugatti Automobiles applies, it “even before extravagant ideas did not flinch, but to accept the challenge and implement the highest quality and aesthetics.” Although it is the model of a kind, a continuation of the collaboration is planned.Bugatti L'Or Blanc 3

Bugatti L'Or Blanc 4

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