Buick Envision Concept 1The GM’s Buick unveiled at the Shanghai Auto Show with the Buick Concept Envision a sporty SUV concept drawn, which bears a highlight doors. The nearly five-meter long SUV Buick Envision, had its debut on the Shanghai Auto Show’s world premiere and comes supplied with a very dynamic design. In typical fashion crossover were a filigree roof line, which will lend a touch of the Envision Coupe, combined with a sturdy base and a spacious interior.
Buick Envision Concept 2As icing on the cake design was the four-seater two elongated doors missing, open the sensor-controlled in a Lamborghini-style top. With the consequent elimination of the B-pillar, the climb very spacious in the Buick Envision. 22-inch oversized lush show the built-alloy wheels.Buick Envision Concept 3Plug-in hybrid drive
Envision the interior of the Buick equipped with four apparently free-floating seats. A wood floor is to generate yacht-like atmosphere. Other feel-good ingredients for luxury surroundings are wood, leather and metal applications.
Buick Envision Concept 4Head-up display, touch screen, rearview camera instead of mirrors, voice control and online access to show that Buick can compete in terms of multimedia in the premier league.
Buick Envision Concept 5High-tech is also under the sheet. Here is a two-liter four-cylinder turbo gasoline direct injection engine uses two electric motors and an eight-speed automatic together. Distributes the drive power is permanently on all four wheels. Loaded, the lithium-ion battery while driving, using the solar roof or the wall socket. The adaptive suspension is electronically controlled.Buick Envision Concept 6

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