Cadillac CIEL concept  1Cadillac has drawn the covers of a four-seater luxury convertible study on Oldtimerveranstalltung in Pebble Beach. The Cadillac CIEL concept commemorates this historic models such as the Cadillac Eldorado. The range of true four-seater convertible of luxury is rather modest. That made be thought also the GM subsidiary Cadillac and a corresponding big bikes. At the classic car event in Pebble Beach, the study of Cadillac was allowed to CIEL for the first time her top hit back and present under a bright blue sky.Cadillac CIEL concept 2Cadillac CIEL as a true four-seater
The appearance of the Cadillac CIEL concept is powerful. The open four-seater stretches to whopping 5.17 meters. And the wheelbase of 3.17 M shows that he seriously thinks it with four seats. 2.03 Metres wide all provide for enough shoulder room in the rear. Also at the door concept, the full size convertible allows its peculiarities. Opposite directions opening door segments merge in the closed state to a Giga-Portal. The lack of a B-pillar ensures an unrestricted access to all four seats.

The high waistline of Cadillac CIEL concept is dominated by a delicate windshield frame made of brushed aluminium which stretches up to 1.27 metres above sea level. Behind the Fund passengers are two discreet dome loom. 22-Inch polished alloy wheels with 265/milks tires, which is a ceramic braking system behind, complete the silhouette of the Cadillac CIEL concept.
Cadillac CIEL concept 3The design of the Cadillac CIEL remains close to the current square design line of the brand without but quotes from the own brand history to give up. To interpret the rear fenders with the upright tail fins such as in early Eldorados shine on. Various bright nickel coated surfaces give the body its particular accents. The lamps are all around the LED technology. Cadillac CIEL with luxurious interior and hybrid drive The Interior partioniert a continuous console in four seat units. Side ramps on the leather seating make the buttocks the alignment on the seat.
Cadillac CIEL concept 4Should be on the way the wind blow too much cool air in the cockpit, the three passenger in Kachmirdecken hidden in Seitenfächern can wrap. The stilvollere alternative to the systems, such as Airscarf. Further comfort seat climate system and heated seats provide on all seats. The driver must zwart on a doily waived, but looks to freely programmable instruments

Less conservatively, it goes to CIEL concept under the sheet metal dress of Cadillac. A longitudinal built-in double charged 3, 6-litre V6 gasoline direct injection works hand in hand with an electric motor and drives all four wheels. The overall system performance indicates GM with 425 HP and 583 NM, the energy for the electric motor comes from a lithium ion battery. Whether the Cadillac will be CIEL in series an another appearance at the Frankfurt Motor Show is uncertain, but most likely.Cadillac CIEL concept 5

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