Caterham Seven Supersport 1Faster, higher, stronger - Caterham, the Olympic motto, interpreted in their own way and made his slightly above the asphalt flying machines even easier and more sharply: Caterham Seven Super Sport is the latest creation from the dashing home when the British fun mobile forge even “razor-sharp “announced. It is now one of the purest versions, Caterham. Reason: 142 hp must be done with only 520 kg net weight – in the spirit of Colin Chapman, the spiritual father of the 1950s-lightweight concept that lies always behind the Caterham Seven.
Caterham Seven Supersport 2Are the kit-car build yourself from it 20 995 British pounds (currently about € 24 125). Anyone who has limited free time or not everything would make his project, does not need much deeper reach into the bag: 3,000 pounds (currently about 3450 €) costs more, the finished road racer. Caterhams chief engineer Mark Edwards on the Super Sport: “We have certainly been accelerating faster and stronger built cars. But character, value for money and low maintenance this car has led to a driving machine, which also sports car fans will delight you with a limited budget. ”
Caterham Seven Supersport 3The device is powered fun of a 1.6-liter engine from the Ford Sigma. There are also a crisp five-speed manual transmission, a race suspension and tires from Avon CR500 to 13-inch wheels. Thus equipped, ready, should the Caterham Seven Supersport both on public roads and on the race track a lot of driving fun. Thanks to its low weight of the lightweight racer sprints in just 4.9 seconds from 0 to 60 mph (96.56 km / h). The speed limit should be at least 120 mph (more than 193 km / h).
Caterham Seven Supersport 4The basic ingredients are added through a race-proven differential with limited slip, stronger springs and dampers directly from the motorsport family from the house of Caterham, stabilizers and a stiffer windshield. Racing seats and four-point racing harnesses complete the atmosphere of the Caterham Seven Supersport.

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