Chevrolet Orlando 2012 1At the turn of the 1980s, Chrysler began with his Autobeaucoup or, if you prefer, the Dodge Caravan or Plymouth Voyager. But, as is the trend, these vehicles have become more and more large. A few years, Mazda presented his 5 a van which was, in fact, a modern interpretation of the Autobeaucoup. Then, Kia was followed with the Rondo. Then, Dodge with the Journey. Here’s that Chevrolet enters the dance with the Orlando. These vehicles have dimensions which are located between the classic van and a wagon. Gentle irony, the first Dodge Caravan, presented in 1984, had roughly same dimensions to those of these vehicles “if well-designed”!

To return to Orlando, which was presented to the Canadian press last week, he would name the Florida city and who refers to family life. It will be not distributed to the United States where the demand for this type of vehicles is quite low. However, it is already known in Europe where it is sold a few months already. That those who disdain for vehicles produced by General Motors is reassuring. The Orlando seems very well born.
Chevrolet Orlando 2012 2The Delta of the Cruze platform
The chassis of the Cruze has been extended three inches (75 mm) while the total length of the Orlando exceed 2.7 inches (68 mm) than the sedan. Height wins 6.3 inches (159 mm). The passenger compartment of the Orlando is vast and seven persons can take place against six for the Mazda5, what people from Chevrolet did not fail to note! But the author allows you to add that some versions of the Rondo and the Journey can also receive seven persons. However, the Orlando offers no version with five seats. Chevrolet has decided to not offer sliding side door, the Mazda5. The U.S. has its raisons… and the Japanese also. In short, humanity is now divided into two categories: the “for” sliding doors and “against”.

When the third row seats are not occupied and their records are lowered (thus which does not hinder the view back), they produce a correct storage space. This space is 101 tiny litres when all records are recorded in 1594 when the two rows of seats are folded. It is much less than a Dodge Journey or a Kia Rondo but this is better than the Mazda5, nor has not lacked emphasis be launching! Under the carpet of the Orlando, found a convenient storage bin. The spare tire is placed under the vehicle, such as on real trucks!

The dashboard is resolutely modern and different commands are easy to understand and well placed. Happy find: behind the radio commands, there are storage space. The hinges have seemed somewhat meagre at my right hand, too abrupt. Most plastics are good quality despite their hardness. Fabric seats also have seemed to me hard, especially at the beginning. After a few kilometres, my bum is there were already accustomed.
Chevrolet Orlando 2012 3A single engine for us
If the Europeans are entitled to several engines, Canadians will have to be satisfied with a single, or a four-cylinder 2.4-litre 174 horses at 6,700 rpm. Its torque is 171 lb – ft @ 4,900 RPM. Two transmissions are proposed, a six-speed manual and automatic six reports also. During the takeover of the Orlando, we could not drive the manual, the production of these units is not yet started.

Also well tell you immediately. This engine is not quite powerful enough, especially when the seven seats are occupied, but it is not better or worse than the four-cylinder Mazda, Kia or Dodge. However, the latter two also offer a V6. Only the front wheels are motor and no full component is offered, even as an option. On our test day, we never could make a 0-100 km/h in less than 11.5 seconds (manual stopwatch, highways), which is far from impressive, especially since we were only two adults on board. General Motors announces a rating of 10.6 l / 100 km City and 6.9 on the road for automatic versions. These data however could not be validated in our tests.

Automatic transmission nor we was not impressed. It is still well staged and it allows the engine will “turn” 2,000 towers/minutes at 100 km/h, which is in the standard for a four cylinder. However, it was often reluctant move reports, both in the mounted during the demotions. In the times (kick-down), it was the felt very well demote at least two reports, sign that the engine is perhaps not sufficiently powerful for EVS.Chevrolet Orlando 2012 4

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