Citroen Tubik 1Citroen presents the Tubik a technologically dominated upper-class shuttle with the idea of ​​getting back to fun on the trips. With the nine-seater Tubik to friends or blended families can travel together, without sacrificing a lack of space on luggage must. Inspired by the lines of the famous, the public only loving “TUB” said Citroen Type H, the French created an unusual design for the Tubik that corresponds to the interior of a lounge.
Citroen Tubik 2Design: The Useful bring into line with the aesthetics
The unique design and versatility made the planked from 1947 to 1981, built with corrugated iron Citroen Type H became a bestseller of its era (half a million units sold in 34 years). The Tubik has the same morphology as his famous older brother, and equally generous dimensions: 4.80 meters long, 2.08 meters wide and 2.05 meters high. The front end of the Citroen Tubik that stands out from the passenger recalled, with its striking, vertical nose and the ribbed surface of the corrugated sheet of the Citroen Type H accents while the double-angle illuminated logo. The two pillars of the windscreen awaken memories of the two characteristic lines of the Citroen Type H, which is run through the roof to the front bumper.
Citroen Tubik 3When the makers Tubik used two contrasting colors: gray, the metal of the bodywork envelops the Pearl at the front and rear, where the combustion engine (front) and the electric motor are (rear) of diesel full-hybrid propulsion system. Full of character likewise prove to the slit-like LED headlights and LED units below the front bumper. Simple, but aesthetically the exterior surfaces can barely wide, panoramic glass clear tempered glass and the two large openings guess that grant access to the driver’s seat and the passenger compartment. During the opening reminds the driver’s door to the spread of a wing, the side door opens like a garage door, thereby releasing the entire right side of the interior. Since there is hardly a trip without luggage, the cargo space was cleverly integrated into the rear zone.
Citroen Tubik 4Drive: Travel without boundaries
With its large volume offers the Citroen Tubik exceptionally spacious and allows the use of full hybrid technology, “Hybrid4″ a CO2 emissions, which should correspond to that of a conventional sedan. The diesel full-hybrid powertrain boosts the car’s range when compared to an internal combustion engine and, thanks to the all-wheel drive mode – the front axle is driven by the internal combustion engine, the rear wheels through the electric motor – a perfect drive. Performance the French called it yet.
Citroen Tubik 5To optimize the fuel consumption of the Citroen Tubik is equipped with 22 inch rims and so-called “Tall & Narrow” tire with very low rolling resistance. For an optimal combination of comfort and road handling donated the Citroen Tubik one Hydraktiv Suspension: As the loading of the vehicle looks, the ride height remains constant thanks to the control in real time. The automatic lowering at higher speeds results in an even better aerodynamics and contributes to the reduction of consumption and CO2 emissions.
Citroen Tubik 6Interior: As a pilot in the cockpit
Once the driver at the wheel of the Citroen Tubik has taken place, this is immersed in a highly technological to space around the driver designed universe. This space is represented by what Citroen calls the “cyclotron”. The seat, pedals, steering wheel and the curved surface of the head-up displays form a circle. The cast aluminum body is in the “cyclotron” picked up again, to emphasize the robust and protective feeling. On a seat in black Nappavollleder the driver is identified by a digital recognition. All necessary information is on the head-up display mounted in the steering wheel and the middle screen located around the driver. To monitor the space behind the vehicle provides a screen the images of the rear-view cameras and rear view mirror to the driver.
Citroen Tubik 7The end of “Are we there yet?”
A vehicle interior space, which corresponds, in the truest sense of the word, a lounge, reveals itself as a habitat for all the elements of architecture and interior design combines: seating surfaces made of felt, back rests and door panels of silk and soil from leather. The shades and materials by light ambience in the interior reinforced. Seeing without being seen: the so-called Moucharabieh – a barred window of the Islamic architecture – and the broad, clear tempered glass panoramic offer passengers an unparalleled view, and also protect them from prying eyes.
Citroen Tubik 8The travelers can configure the three rows of seats desired. All seats are independent and offer optimum comfort. The first-row seats, two passengers the opportunity to look at the street or on the other riders to judge. Three persons found on the middle row space, which can be converted if necessary into a low table. Alternatively, the disappearing middle row of seats in the last row of seats to provide a free space of almost 2 m, or even completely unfolded to the chaise to be. The last configuration invites you to relax – the travelers and viewers will be able to enjoy the half lying wide multimedia monitor that boasts a curved surface.

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