The car maker Volvo is working hard on the system, which makes the vehicle able to follow the vehicle ahead in the same lane. It sounds like a Sci-Fi, but with today’s security systems it is not unrealistic.

The automaker Volvo has confirmed that a new anti-collision system at low speeds will go on sale in 2014. The new system allows the vehicle to follow the car ahead with speed up to 50 km / h.

The system can help the situation in the traffic jam (traffic jam assistance system). It can be activated by pressing the button in the car. Subsequently, the system starts controlling of theĀ  brakes and engine. The company hopes that this – from the perspective of a security feature will help to reduce accidents at low speeds caused by drivers in slow traffic.

Big help in the traffic jams

“Traffic jam assistance system” is merging two existing systems (adaptive cruise control and monitoring system for unwanted lane change), as it was already introduced in the V40. “Driver can at any time take control of the vehicle”, said Peter Martens, Senior Vice President of Research and Development at Volvo Cars.

Currently, the system only works at low speed, but car maker thinks once it get a popularity and people will use it, the speed of the automatic controlled vehicle can be increased.

New “traffic jam assistance system” should be presented within the project SPA (Scalable Product Architecture) in 2014. The first car with this unique system should be the successor of the current Volvo XC90.

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