Delahaye 57S 1France Meets U.S.
If you dive a little deeper into the matter, it quickly becomes clear that internationally there are some manufacturers who have recognized that modern design can not keep up with the most sensually expansive forms of classic automobiles. To nevertheless denKomfort driving dynamics, and ensure the power output of a modern vehicle to be able to have a few global companies set the goal to implant modern technology into classic car bodies. Delahaye USA is one of those firms. Despite the well-known name, the guys from New Jersey have nothing to do with the eponymous French carmaker Delahayezu, whose models are among the finest in the 1930s belonged. Delahaye USA sees itself more as a tribute to the European car manufacturers. In her latest and most expensive project yet, but they pay homage to another French brand: Bugatti. Under Ettore Bugatti built the manufacturer with headquarters in the Alsace has always been only the finest and best sports cars and sedans in the world. This is undoubtedly the Bugatti Type 57S Coupe.
Delahaye 57S 2Bella Figura
Bella Figura Type 57S Coupe is the same strong visual Bugatti nachempfunden.Delahaye U.S. does not understand his model, however, as a replica, but rather as a modern reinterpretation. Despite the optical proximity, the proportions have changed dramatically. The Delahaye is significantly larger than the Bugatti. With 4.92 meters and 1.93 meters width are also two large stainless Coupe Grown in place. The height of 1.11 meters promises to deliver sports car dimensions. The huge wings have large wheel openings that can accommodate 27-inch rims space. The body manufactures Delahaye USA either carbon fiber or polished aluminum. It is built on a steel box frame, the number of components takes the Corvette C6. When the engine `s very interesting. Logically, no U.S. content producers who thinks highly of itself, with a six-or four-cylinder. The first prototype is equipped with a five-liter twelve-cylinder BMW. With the standard version, the customer can choose between a 556-hp GM V8, a six-cylinder Jaguar, Viper V10 or a V12 Biturbo Mercedes vonRenntech tuned. Who is this selection is not yet satisfied großhubige can benefit from access to still last Rolls-Royce Merlin V12 aero engine, with about 1,500 horsepower.
Delahaye 57S 3Flexible policy
In principle, Delahaye USA is very flexible and geared to the needs of its customers. To this end, they take with exceptional needs even drive changes to the chassis. The Americans offer their Bugatti blend in even in right-and left-hand drive. Prices start at $ 250,000 exclusive powertrain. The top model is the coupe with a polished aluminum body for $ 450,000. If that’s too expensive, still has the opportunity to assemble the 57S coupe itself. $ 19,000 for the chassis will be due for the body around 30,000. Add to this the drive. Production to begin in November this year. We hope that after a Delahaye.Delahaye 57S 4

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