e-Opel-1This year’s IAA (15 to 25 September) is devoted to the alternative drives. Limited to the manufacturer often used to display items on pure, it seems to have a new realism found its way into the exhibition halls in Frankfurt this year. Vehicles with the latest generation of electric Smart cars and the BMW Concept i3, many manufacturers now production-ready alternative vehicle concepts.
e-Opel-2With a sensational, battery-electric concept car, Opel is based on the industry show more than just visual highlights: The cigar-shaped, futuristic city car, which houses two consecutively placed occupant weighs, thanks to consistent lightweight design, two-thirds less than today’s small cars, which at least a good ton of weight on the bring balance. With a top speed of 120 km / h top speed, he would also be even (city) highway-capable.
e-Opel-3That the Opel study, no pure “design-mill” is that disappears after the show quickly and never seen again in the “box”, but could be an important component of the alternative product range, a look at the model strategy: In the medium term that is heard fuel cell technology in the opinion of the chief developers. Pure battery electric cars can be seen in Opel contrast, has always been a niche product for urban use. And for good reason: the coverage of electricity is currently available is limited – and will remain, for technical reasons and because of the lack of charging infrastructure for the foreseeable future.

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