ewolf omega 07The inner-city traffic delivery is a promising domain for electric vehicles. 0.7 of the Omega offers in Frechen near Cologne, Germany e-domiciled Wolf GmbH, a cargo hold area of ​​two Euro pallets, and a spacious operating range, the tours also allow the city limits.

Courier for the household electrical outlet
For operators of courier and delivery services for post offices, craft workshops and distributors of Omega would 0.7 be an attractive alternative to gasoline: With a maximum speed of 120 kilometers per hour (or 90 miles an hour in the energy-saving Eco mode) of the compact truck is also on the highway along well, and offers a range of 135 kilometers on average are also trips across the city limits in the transport and delivery runs no problem.

The 60-kW motor (Peak power: 120 kW), accelerates the e-wolf Omega 0.7 in 7.6 seconds to 50 mph and a maximum torque of 300 Newton meters powerful available. The motor draws its energy from a 250-pound lithium ceramic batteries, a development cooperation partner of the Li-Tec GmbH Innovative flat cell technology is ready. The battery has a capacity of 24.2 kWh, the daily requirement of the E-transporter to should covers a radius of 135 kilometers. It is charged generally  household outlet via the on-board charger, and in less than eight hours to return the vehicle to be fully operational.

E- omega wolf 0.7: Cargo must not be sparse.
If delivery and courier service is important, spend many time drivers and front passenger in the vehicle. The standard equipment is designed in comparison to other vehicles in the omega-Cargo-series corresponding to be somewhat more extensive: ABS with electronic brake-force distribution, wipers and airbags for driver and front passenger, electrically adjustable door mirrors. Air conditioning, rear window defroster and economy driving mode are included as well as the on-board computer and the power windows. For the transportation of cargo overruns are at the bottom and sides of the cargo space available lashing. Even when the design Frechener has proven safe hands, because the compact, dynamic body shape makes it look good figure. At a price of around 58,000 € e-Wolf Omega 0.7 is now available.

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