Electric car 2011Electric car
Puddles everywhere you look, even on the sidewalks there are little lakes. Middle of an electric-charging stations seen these days in Hamburg. The idea of standing on wet ground and connect the charging cable to the charging socket in the e-ready car, as a novice in the matter of e-mobility a bad feeling. What if I get an electric shock? Or it makes a loud bang and the electronics in small e-car-bye? Uncertainty. Perhaps it is better to park the car somewhere and use the S-Bahn. What to do?

It’s simple: load current. As apply to all electrical and electronic equipment for charging stations, the regulations of the VDE (Association for Electrical, Electronic & Information Technologies). All sockets must be protected by RCD (formerly known as RCD). Join the charging station a so-called fault current (eg caused by moisture on the plug), the column is turned off. This is at each vendor Sun The fault current protection switch trips already at 0.03 amps. The customer noticed only that loading does not work.

Energy information
e8energy a cross-segment product and service portfolio provides the electric field mobility, against the background of the exclusive use of renewable energies. The core aspects of business activities are in e8energy environmental friendliness, sustainability and carbon neutrality.

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