American electric car maker Tesla is already looking for its customers on old continent. Electric sedan with a range of 500 km can handle a 100km/h in 4.6 seconds.

The first day of November the American company Tesla Motors officially announced its “attack” to Europe. Model S Sedan is already possible to order and the first official customer will get it early next year.

“Our goal has always been to design the best cars in the world and set new standards for safety, driving range, design and performance.” said commercial director of company Elon Musk. “We have achieved success in North America and now the time has come to show the Excellence Model S sedan in Europe. “

The first electric car made by company Tesla – Lotus Elise Roadster – in Europe had only limited distribution, so the brand is not well known here. Model S is designed to cover a wider group of drivers and offered a superior electrical performance.

Depending on the configuration, Tesla Model S can reach 100km/h from zero in just 4.6 seconds. Electric range of the vehicle is set to 500 km, where the car battery has the highest offered capacity of 85 kWh.
If the price does not exceed the current level of premium sedans, it can have a wide success in Europe. The price of the basic version with a 40 kWh battery is around 38 902 EUR after conversion and including federal taxes . The most powerful set of batteries is 85 kWh, where the price after conversion is set to 54 396 euros including federal taxes. Pricing in Europe may be different.

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