A discussion would be stimulated, the press release for Land Rover DC 100, the concept car of the future Land Rover Defender. That should certainly succeed, because hardly a fan base is as upright behind “their” car like the Defender owners. A successor to formally design changed very little since 1948 Land Rover Defender is a corresponding Herculean task.

Land Rover DC 100: Discussion Document
Because hardly anyone knows better than the Land Rover itself, it is now an unusual way: instead of developing the new model behind closed doors, the British four years before the start of production to show a concept car of the successor. The Land Rover DC to 100 while still be a near-series concept, but also a say explicitly ask for the brand’s fans.

Although various details to be changed, the Land Rover DC still shows 100, where the journey takes. The concept vehicle that Land Rover unveiled at the IAA in Frankfurt, will replace the short wheelbase Land Rover Defender 90th A long wheelbase give it in the future as well. How is based on the concept shown in the extra-long (now Defender 130) models and pickups generally realize the Defender can expected to be interesting.

Land Rover DC 100: mix of styles
The Land Rover DC 100 carries as a characteristic feature of a remote hood and the modern interpretation of round headlights. The rest of the vehicle design takes strong bonds among family members: the bulging middle front is reminiscent of the last series of the Freelander, the side line with the characteristic air scoop in the fenders to the Discovery. The side view shows the DC Land Rover 100 very narrow and steep overhangs pulled up bumper, what is the terrain racing.

Land Rover Defender 2015: Back as the soft top?
Striking is the three-part roof of the study. With the roll bar shaped as a B-pillar, it could be an indication of future soft-top versions. Even archrival Jeep Wrangler sets in to such a split hardtop. About the proposed technology of the future Land Rover Defender 2015, the manufacturer loses even a syllable. As certain is that takes up an independent suspension front and rear rigid axles instead of the current Defender. If only for reasons of equal parts strategy, the chassis of several components of the future Discovery / Range Rover will use platform. It attracts and the terrain response system in the future Defender. Drive side next to a new four-cylinder diesel engine and a four-cylinder gasoline engine from Land-Rover-house development are expected.

Four years, the Defender fans still time to secure the original. On the way to the changing of the guard gets the current Land Rover Defender for the 2012 model year engines update one another: instead of the 2.4-liter diesel is the future an equally strong 2.2-liter engine is used, the Euro-5 barrier increases.

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