convertible Maserati V8  1From March Maserati presents expired in 2007 after the Spyder a convertible again in his model portfolio. Based on the coupe, the four-seat Gran Turismo Gran convertible rolls with the familiar eight-cylinder V-engine and 440 hp at the start. Who is behind the Maserati Gran Cabrio open, however, suspects a nimble athlete, will be disappointed. Like the Gran Turismo is suitable, the 1980 kg heavy convertible with an elegant, three-layer fabric hood more for cruising than for the pursuit of personal bests.
convertible Maserati V8  2Within 20 seconds to open the roof at your fingertips – the fresh-air experience is no more obstacles. Who also gets pressed the Sport button, even in the lower rpm range a fine V8 concert donated. From 2,500 rpm, the Cabrio then rips its exhaust valves on even earlier. By changing the accelerator response says the 4.7-liter suction on even more spontaneous. The six-speed automatic transmission changes in sport mode until they reach the speed limit transitions. convertible Maserati V8  3Maserati Convertible in 5.3 seconds to 100 km / h
Within 5.3 seconds the open-air Maserati sprint with a maximum torque of 490 Nm from standstill to 100 km / hr. The top speed is with the roof closed at 283 km / h. Open a new blow-up at 274 km / h is possible. 2010 Maserati wants at a price of around € 132 770 150 Maserati convertible for sale in Germany.

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