2011 G Power BMW M3 Tornado RS 1Compression storm
When it comes to BMW tuning in Bavaria’s really only one true instance. Who wants to be with his propeller-powered sports car really burn times, which goes to G-Power to Autenzell. The latest trick of the BMW M3 Tornado RS extremists, who in his own words the most powerful M3 BMW is the world’s.

The BMW V8 gets some quality helpers to aground to new heights. Mahle pistons, stronger connecting rods and crankshaft and a modified centrifugal compressor from the house of ASA and a carbon fiber airbox seem to M3 SKIII “Sporty Drive” along compressor system that receives from a titanium exhaust system support. At the end a power output of 720PS and 700 Nm. The G-Power M3 sets so 300 hp and 280 Newton meters compared to the series on it. Respect! Who wants to go with the Tornado 100 km / h, has to spend only 3.7 seconds of his precious time for the 200 km / h they just 9.5 seconds. However, it does not end there: until 330 km / h does the tornado re limits.
2011 G Power BMW M3 Tornado RS 2Of course, the ultra-M3 also visually quite sharp affine way, although the real focus, namely power, is also not lost sight of here. For all growing parts of the aerodynamic program “RS” are completely made of carbon fiber. It starts with front spoiler and hood, spins the trunk lid continues and culminates in the beautifully shaped rear spoiler. Speaking of shapely: the tornado rolled so on the exclusive G-Power Silverstone Clubsport forged wheel. The 20-inch wheels wear Michelin Sport tires in size 255/30 or 295/25-20 and are held by a ceramic brake system in check. Done to suspension systems, now a G-Power Club Sport Coilovers his deep work on tornado-M3.

If only there would be no money to the chapter – in addition to the basic price for a BMW M3 Coupe – € 69,000 – that is to come for the SKIII “Sporty Drive” compressor system along 41 650 €. By contrast, consider the costs of the carbon-on parts in almost borders: the front spoiler with 2142 Euros to the beats, the trunk lid with rear spoiler will cost € 3927 and for the carbon bonnet to € 4284  due. Well, he who sows the wind shall reap the whirlwind.2011 G Power BMW M3 Tornado RS 3

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