Green Lexus LS 600H 1
Were Kate and William taken in Aston Martin after the knot. At the upcoming wedding of Grimaldi it goes to stresses environmentally friendly against: Prince Albert II, and Charlene Wittstock travel in a unique hybrid country aulet.
Everything on green
All people schwerreiche gamers paradise Monaco puts everything on green transport. The small Principality of for years heavily involved in the electric mobility. With State allowances and a dense network of public charging stations, one is on changing Stromer tasty, and the short distances in the attached Mediterranean metropolis are located very limited range of electric cars. Ultra quiet and at least partially electric it should also be, if to Prince Albert of Monaco and Charlene Wittstock in July the knot type.

Green Lexus LS 600H 2
To the wedding of a full hybrid
While in Britain’s dream wedding Prince William and his Kate unceremoniously cabriolet exchanged the traditional coach after the ceremony against a classic Aston Martin, drives the wedding cruiser in Monaco with full hybrid drive. The Belgian body specialist Carat Duchatelet has rebuilt the heavy Lexus sedan specifically for the Royal Wedding to the Land aulet. The car is a half convertible with a removable transparent roof over the rear seats. The wedding couple will sit completely on the leather in the fresh air, if the rear side Windows are recessed.
Green Lexus LS 600H 3

Green Lexus LS 600H 4
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