Hummer H1 Call Duty 1The history of the vehicle is presented here – because of the recently ended Cologne “gamescom” – a combination of game and passion to the effort to attempt to move anyway and striking anything but inconspicuous vehicle even better in the right light.
Hummer H1 Call Duty 2The owner of a pickup version of the Hummer H1 had the idea to show presence in reference to one in Cologne that concerns this November appearing computer game, with confidence to the team of the company turned “Cam Shaft Premium Wrapping” in Steinbach im Taunus. Together they made the impossible possible and all parties have considered advise, develop and re-created and discarded until the desired end and visible for any combination of the two cars and hobbies game was obvious.
Hummer H1 Call Duty 3With the necessary imagination can the observer inclined to imagine that the H1 pickup seems like an integral part of the computer game on the screen. The Hummer H1 – which, moreover, continues to produce at Avtotor in the Russian for the local market – works with its sheer size and its huge wheels with the foiling of Cam Shaft still huge.
Hummer H1 Call Duty 4

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