I8 BMW Concept 1“Pure, emotionally and sustainable”
What makes Joschka Fischer at BMW? This was the question facing many when she learned of the consultant for the bedrock of the green car company. BMW boss Norbert Reithofer gives the answer: “He told us how the world looks like in the future.” And probably, as a well-known for sporty luxury car company could make the leap into a future that makes the car much less leeway than it is today. BMW now wants to invent the electric car a bit and its own brand from scratch. “Pure, emotionally and sustainable” would be one, announces development head Klaus Draeger. The electric city car and the hybrid-athletes i3 i8 herald a new era.
I8 BMW Concept 2Electric power alone for 35 km
It was clever of BMW, which unveil two concept cars before the IAA. Because there are hardly any surprises: The i8 looks like the study “Vision Efficient Dynamics”" expects confusingly similar. The nearly 1.5-ton flounders create the sprint from 0 to 100 km / h in 4.6 seconds. It is electronically limited at 250 km / h. The moves i8 most of the time not only electrically, but as a plug-in hybrid from a 223-hp three-cylinder gasoline engine and a 96 kW electric motor driven – enough for a good torque of 550 Newton meters. Purely electric driving the i8 about 35 kilometers, before the gasoline engine needs help. For the first 100 kilometers, so an official average fuel consumption of 2.7 liters is possible. With a low center of gravity and a weight distribution of 50:50, the car will also score points with the driving dynamics.
I8 BMW Concept 3BMW forges a mobility package.
An ultra-modern high-tech car like the BMW is not i8 certainly come at the discounted price in trade. For even the CFRP mass production and the challenges of “life-drive” architecture – the passenger compartment (Life-module) is sitting on the drive unit (drive-in module) – required BMW high development costs and much research effort off gain, but also an edge over other manufacturers.  The Munich will not only score points with the car itself, but mess with the new sub-brand, BMW. I also drum with a complete mobility package. With the help of iPad apps developers show how this might look like in practice: With a few clicks, you can locate the nearest charging station, the reservation station for their own electricity and plan the route to it. The charge and other vehicle functions can be remotely controlled from a smartphone, and the “intermodal route planning” is calculated each way, taking into account all transport, including public transport and their own feet, which puts you back to the last meter. Furthermore, car sharing is part of the mobility package.
I8 BMW Concept 4I8 BMW Concept 5

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