auto Green vs performance 1Green vs. performance
Green is on everyone’s lips, protection of the environment the main theme of each motor show. However, not succeed the mostly unripe technologies at overpriced prices still long to push the traditional athlete with the conventional internal-combustion  engine in the sidelines. On the contrary: the sports car innovations are expected at the IAA hot.
auto Green vs performance 2911
Interest is the new Porsche 911 generation with the internal symbol of 991. 40 Years of iconic 911 generation design has always only marginally evolved to generation. Eight years the current was set went so far by the band. To bridge the time of the new generation, legtPorsche a special model after the other on – in total there are 24 (we reported). Completely over the downsizing trend is then but not on the 991. 3.4 Be of 3.6 litres of Carrera. The Carrera S may keep its 3.8 litres. With 350 and 400 HP, performance continues to still easily, consumption should however decline. A great innovation promises to be the gear: it is the first manual seven gear switch of the world. The 991 Coupe is the launching pad for a whole range of 911 models, which still await us at the Frankfurt Motor Show.
auto Green vs performance 3Top-class convertible
The competition is meanwhile also no slouch himself and pulls to greatly. Lamborghini promises already great, but only wants to let the cat at the show out of the bag. There is currently speculation about a production version of Sesto Elemento. Mercedes comes with the SLS Roadster to Frankfurt. Stuttgart, however, only want to show the successor to the SL on one of the international fairs in winter. In addition to the SLS Roadster produces two more top-class convertibles the IAA. Audi shows the 458 spider the Audi R8 GT Spyder, the Italian tradition of racing Ferrari. In total, the internal-combustion  engine PS of the usually still limited green exhibition have alsoeiniges to oppose.

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