2011 nissan juke 1Always nice friendly
“The funny but it looks,” it sounds from the women’s mouths at nearly every intersection. “For me, this is a Matchbox car. Changes also the color when it rains?” give the lords of creation of the sulky. “Thank you and no,” then it echoes out of the futuristic-looking cockpit. The Nissan Juke divided the nation. On the one hand, thanks to a chunky but cute to the same lines, he appears friendly. The icing on the cake worried that permanent smile the Japanese front. On the other hand, it is puzzling. How can it be that a car from the outside looks so much bigger than it is inside? And why were seemingly small as a Japanese standard rear-seat passengers? However, one thing straight first: he can drive well.
2011 nissan juke 2Bike Aesthetics
Taken place in the juke, stands out as the first in exterior color painted center console. Here, according to Nissan’s designers are inspired by a motorcycle tank. The shift knob sits slightly increased, which facilitates the switching within the six gears gratifying. Located at the knee level from the equipment version, the Nissan Acenta Dynamic Control system. Here, the air conditioning or driving parameters such as Eco or sports can be set. When setting Eco-dimensional bar appears, indicating the level, will run just as sparingly. After a short time, the driver is over but the feeling that the beam on which the traffic display distracting, merely reflects the accelerator position.
2011 nissan juke 3Promise too much
On the dash sits a Plastikhutze, which has similarity with the breastplate of Batman. It ensures that the clear digits, regardless of the sun, are always well read. It needs to be improved is the placement of on-board computer controls. To press one of two buttons, the display between the residual range and the average consumption can switch back and forth, must be used or just above the steering wheel. Has this made the driver. He can look forward to an indicated range of 600 kilometers? The specified standard of Nissan consumption of 5.1 liters per hundred kilometers, however, is achieved only with difficulty. A consumption of six to seven liters is readily possible.2011 nissan juke 4

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