Jaguar C-X16 1The Jaguar C-X16 takes the drive configuration of its big brother XK with front engine and rear wheel drive. However, given the newly developed V-6 engine with 3.0 liter engine and compressor in the concept study additional support by an electric motor. So stand next to 380 hp and 450 Nm of gasoline another 95 hp and 235 Nm. However, the electric boost works as KERS in Formula 1 and allows the boost effect only for a maximum of ten seconds. To 80 km / h, the 1.6 kWh lithium-ion high power battery pack to the all-electric sports car.
Jaguar C-X16 2The 1,600-pound sports car with an aluminum chassis to accelerate an eight-speed automatic transmission in 4.4 seconds from 0 to 100 km / hr. From 80 to 120 km / h, 2.1 seconds elapse and at 300 km / h is the two-seater braked electronically. It is equipped with the start-stop system in the Jaguar C-X16 average of 6.9 liters (CO2: 165 g / km) consume.
Jaguar C-X16 3Besides the technology gives the design an outlook for the future model. This is the Jaguar C-X16 continued by Chief Designer Ian Callum on the XK series, XF, XJ and C-X75 introduced the study line. The powerful and elegant-looking sports car shows for the first time the new trapezoidal grille and rectangular headlamps. The flush fitting door handles made of machined aluminum enable contact with an electric motor and drive off automatically.Jaguar C-X16 4Other gimmicks are found in the driver-oriented cockpit. Activates the start button a real multimedia show, which light up in the center console, previously unseen displays such as a waterfall from the top down. Even the air vents in the secret fighter jet design rising from the dashboard only when needed and otherwise remain.Jaguar C-X16 5

Jaguar C-X16 6

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