Jaguar XKR-S 1 

Jaguar of the 300 km/h mark is approached in many steps. Already at the launch of the Jaguar XKR, the developers of that the most powerful Jaguar would of course create Coupe 300 spoke. But five years later also chassis, brakes, tyres and aerodynamics allow the release. Now, everything fits together.
Jaguar XKR-S 2 

XKR-S: Fans will call Jaguar this abbreviation, when they talk about the fastest, most powerful, agile, loudest and most fascinating Jaguar. The Jaguar XKR-S makes it visually at all no secret, that he clearly distanced themselves from the which have been deemed as tame siblings (385 PS) XK and XK/R (510 PS). These are not only the new and self-confident designated colors “Red Italy” and “French Blue” as well as the “British Racing Green missing in the list of options” but above all the aerodynamic measures.
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