JM Design BMW Z4 1When Bergheimer tuner JM Cardesign one has an apparent penchant for expensive and complex nature of reconstruction work. For depriving the finishing specialists simply a first-generation three-liter V6-Zettimit (E85) of his miss in the years have come front bumper and grill him and the current – called E89 – series. To the front of the new Z4 in the headlights, fenders and hood of the “old” match is not just a bunch of time, but also needed the ability to filigree handwork.
 JM Design BMW Z4 2Wide and clean
And if, as the Department of JM Cardesign, just as properly is in his element there, s no stopping it. Therefore, the rear wheel arches were also a thorough-sheet treatment and subjected widened by 30 millimeters on each side. The original look of the Radlaufabschlüsse but remained preserved. By the width of extraction are then also need revision rear apron and side skirts. On that occasion, still get the same sill donated vents, take the Kühlanströmung the rear brake system. In sheet metal work such an extent there is a complete painting course near: so the Z4 is now Unischwarz instead of silver and in addition antennenlos. The receiver now performs invisibly in the rear bumpers to their service.
 JM Design BMW Z4 3Suspension systems, the BMW Z4 is in the old and new version to convince Although by nature, but deeper, harder and sportier goes up forever. Therefore, now provides a KW Variant 3 coilover suspension for optimum road holding and cornering speed. This is also the Work VS-XX wheels for good. The noble Rundlinge measure 9×20 inches to 11×20 inches at the front and the rear axle. The Dunlop tires falls accordingly sweeping: the size of 245/30-20, 285/25-20, or speak for themselves.
 JM Design BMW Z4 4Under the hood is a Wiechers strut brace into place and increases the rigidity of the body. For the right sound on the other hand provides a stainless steel exhaust system made by Eisenmann. The name is likely in this case, as always, his program. In order to give the roadster tuning the final touches to the interior also gets its color from: shine dashboard, door sills, steering wheel spokes and gear shift knob now in body color. Everyone can finally leather. JM Design BMW Z4 5

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