kia gt 1Much-level competition
“We consider ourselves just what segment we conquer new,” says Kia Hyoung-Keun Lee, President. This is not an empty threat but a challenge to Wolfsburg. The small Rio takes a bead on the Polo, the new Cee’d from 2012 back to the Golf and the Tiguan the Sportage – and not only in Germany, where VW Kia of market share can only dream of course. At the international level to advance the Koreans great opponent of the Volkswagen Group. No wonder then that one comes at the sight of the Kia GT, the Audi A5 Sportback immediately to mind. The Koreans have already presented their study on the eve of the IAA. The 4.7-meter Gran Turismo has a high, gently sloping hip line and an equally high tail. The rims come in propeller design, therefore, LED headlights, the crown broad front. Forward on the sides has the four-door sports sedan large stylized vents. The radiator grille shows Kia’s new, something unique design language – he is tipped as a kiss on the mouth. Small cameras replace side mirrors and act as antennas and pitot tubes in a fighter jet. Tail lights on a broad band running across the trunk lid, the underside is fitted with diffusers.
kia gt 2The idea for a large vehicle with rear-wheel drive Kia has been around for several years. The inspiration for her study brought the classic Gran Turismo designer in the 70s. “It was luxurious, elegant vehicles, where passengers stylish, relaxed and able to sweep at high speed from Paris to southern France,” said Gregory Guillaume, Chief Designer Kia Motors Europe. “We wanted a similarly graceful, athletic and self-conscious auto create, but not aggressive or overbearing traits,” adds Guillaume. For the Koreans, but the car is not just for the GT class is a premiere, but also because of the matching of drive. The study is driven by the rear wheels. That there are in the Hyundai / Kia Group, the Hyundai Genesis coupe after all, already. “In a rear-drive layout quite different proportions than are possible in a vehicle with front-wheel drive,” says Kia’s chief designer Peter Schreyer. “The classic concept of a performance sedan with front engine and rear-wheel drive is not only for Korean customers attractive, but also to European and American,” says the designer, the Kia has done with his creations of recent years into a visually attractive brand.
kia gt 3The rear doors open in opposite directions and the GT easily swing up, the passengers on four single seats. The elegantly contoured seats are mounted on curved supports, so that they seem almost to float in the interior. The entire interior is lined with rust-brown leather. The warm color when light is enhanced by the golden-tinted windows. The cockpit is equipped with a glass instrument panel. It consists of three layers of organic light emitting diodes and replaced a number of conventional switches. The flat-bottomed leather steering wheel has three spokes. Down on the center console is the start button, the designers have fused together with the rotary selector lever for the automatic transmission into one unit. On the doors there are small thin LED screens, looks at them as mirrors, the driver substitutes the image of the cameras. The engine of the Kia GT emphasizes the sporty nature of the study. The 3.3-liter V6 turbo gasoline engine with direct injection delivers 395 hp and develops a maximum torque of 534 Newton meters. The force is transmitted with an eight-speed automatic transmission. “It would be a dream to bring the GT into production,” commented Peter Schreyer. With the ambition of the Koreans, it is quite possible that the Kia car at some point actually brings to the gt 4

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