With the BMW M3 CRT (carbon racing technology) is a limited lightweight variant of the four-door sedan with the technique of GTS coupes built the M GmbH. The 25th anniversary of the BMW M3 were 135 as a two-door top model BMW M3 GTS built. Within the framework of M night at the start of the 24 h race at the Nürburgring, the Bavaria now present a M3 Sedan with the abbreviation of CRT, which stands for carbon racing technology. For the BMW M3 CRT is not only the GTS sedan, but also the front-runners for the increased use of carbon fiber reinforced plastic in street models at the M GmbH.

Weight loss by Light-weight materials

While in racing lightweight components CFRP now are standard, the roof is M3 production models at BMW in the Coupe from the light-weight material. In the four-door BMW M3 CRT is, however, the hood from carbon paper honeycomb and saving a further 50 percent compared to the already lightweight aluminum hood weight.

First is the new production of lightweight parts, which allows first time also a processing in car body construction-related waste contributions and thus lowers the costs. Also can the raw material composed of carbon fibre threads to CFRP mats in any size woven and then soaked in the same way as the materials used in the bodies of the i3 BMW and the BMW i8 with synthetic resin and hardened.

A further possibility is used in the seats in the BMW M3 CRT. While the CFRP shells wrap a honeycomb of recycled paper and in addition a carbon layer in conventional production technology is applied in the field of view. In addition, the BMW M3 CRT has also a rear spoiler, as well as an air control element is integrated in the front apron CFRP.


Technology of the GTS model

The Powertrain of the BMW M3 CRT dating back to the GTS model and includes the 4, 4-liter V8 with 450 PS and 440 nm. In addition to engine, the seven-speed M DCT Drivelogic transmission and chassis, but also the sport exhaust system with titanium silencer was adapted in the sedan. The BMW is standard m3 CRT with a navigation system, a high-quality audio system, light, Exterior mirrors and luggage compartment package as well as alarm and Park distance control sensors on the front end and-heck equipped with. However, the limited Special Edition to the series-M3 Sedan should bring a weight advantage of about 70 kilograms. According to the manufacturer to the 1,580 kg (DIN-weight / 1.655 kg according to EU standard) heavy BMW M3 CRT in just 4.4 seconds from a standing on 100 km/h speed and is only at 290 km/h electronically electronically. The average consumption should be at 12.7 litres.
The sell-off is running

The BMW M3 CRT can be ordered now. For reasons of capacity, the BMW M GmbH factory can produce only 67 copies. But it will give even more models with the Light weight materials.

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