BMW 6 Coupe F13 16 directly from the premiere of the new BMW coupes, we will first late filing some photos from the M Sports Package that is right for the market launch of the coupe in the fall will be available. In the case of the coupe include the M package notably, not the slightest change to the suspension, but is limited to aerodynamic and optical components for the exterior, and a sports steering wheel and sport seats for the interior.

BMW 6 Coupe F13 2The reason for this oddity is easily explained: The BMW 6 Series Coupe is always delivered with M sport suspension, to emphasize the sporty character of the two-door. An even sportier models with M Sport package would no longer match the luxurious overall impression and rob the big coupe a part of its fascination.

BMW 6 Coupe F13 3Was shown that the new 640d M Sport Package Coupe F13, which has a 313 hp strong and completely new variant of the popular twin-turbo inline six cylinder with turbocharging and consumed with standard tires in the ECE cycle is just 5.4 liters diesel per 100 kilometers. Nevertheless, the 640d offers superior performance and speed, for example in only 5.5 seconds to 100 km / h.BMW 6 Coupe F13 4The M Sport package will be available this autumn for the 6 Series Convertible F12 – just like the engine in the 640d. As mentioned earlier, there will be autumn, the two-wheel xDrive models BMW 650i Coupé and BMW 650i Convertible BMW xDrive, which should play, especially in alpine and North America an important role.

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