Lotus ethos

The British sports car manufacturer Lotus is building a small car. The city car in the trade will be early 2014, Lotus CEO Dany Bahar announced at its headquarters in Hethel. The car will be based on a study that was shown last autumn at the Paris Motor Show. The production model is called ethos and be developed together with the main shareholder Proton of Malaysia, said Bahar.

Lotus ethos: Two-door, four seater The four seats two-door Lotus ethos is noticeably shorter than four meters and is in a class with cars like the Renault Twingo, up drives the Toyota iQ and the upcoming VW. Lotus made still no information to the exact dimensions, drive technology and the price. However, Bahar said that there will be the car exclusively with alternative propulsion technologies. “With a hybrid or electrical engineering, we want to not betray but yet”, he said.

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