2012 Mercedes Benz B Class 1We know the next big step in this second version of the popular Mercedes-Benz B-Class The final version we will also unveiled at the International Frankfurt Motor. So far, we were treated to photos “spies” accompanied by technical information still quite close to reality. But then the manufacturer shall end all speculation by revealing the net both official pictures and details of the various technical data of the car ahead.
2012 Mercedes Benz B Class 2A figure lowered
Despite appearances, the new Mercedes-Benz B Class is for the engineers of the brand, not a simple evolution of the previous generation, but a revolution at its chassis and its new engines.

In terms of its size, the next Class B Mercedes-Benz will offer a template slightly enhanced compared to data from the current model:

  • Length: 4359 mm (+ 89 mm).
  • Width: 1786 mm (+ 8 mm).
  • Height: 1557 mm (- 47 mm).

The next version of the Class B will be significantly lower than the previous one. A new aesthetic approach that will allow us to discover a class B more tapered lines, and most importantly, more slender.

In addition, it will benefit from an impressive drag coefficient of just the air (0.26) or even (0.24) with all optional ECO Technology. The previous structure called “sandwich” was scrapped to make way for a more conventional type chassis. The center of gravity of the car has been greatly reduced, which will enable the newcomer to offer a much more dynamic behavior than in the past, including the use of sports suspension optional.

A very different basis
Inside, we found both the position of the seat and lowered the seat from the road. This means we will be sitting a little lower than currently, without the comfort of passengers affected is provided. Rear-seat passengers can enjoy more generous clearance and the car will even offer a little more cargo space.

A completely new dashboard
In addition, a completely redesigned instrument panel that offers a different form of ergonomics. The Mercedes-Benz B-Class offers currently available, depending on the version, a screen under the vents. The next version, meanwhile, will popurvue a screen placed on top of the dashboard. Aesthetically, this screen contains the configuration of the famous Apple iPad tablet.

Engines reviewed and corrected
On the old continent, all new four-cylinder engines, whether petrol or diesel, will have a direct injection system called third generation. These will also be associated with a Stop & Start system that turns off the engine whenever the vehicle is immobilized. The power of new powertrains offered in the old continent is between 109 and 156 horses. For the first time, Mercedes-Benz B-Class are offered a dual-clutch gearbox 7G-DCT paddle shifter mounted on the steering column. The six-speed manual transmission has been redesigned to be more compact and have three trees.

Many electronic aids
Unlike the current model, the Mercedes-Benz B-Class will offer an array of electronic aids to driving, such as:

  • Adaptive Headlights.
  • Recognition System dead spots.
  • Support for electronic parking.
  • Anti-recoil with manual transmission.
  • Reversing Camera.

It will definitely be one of the main attractions of the next Frankfurt Motor Show. Marketing will begin in November.

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