Mercedes F 125 concept 1When Steven Spielberg turns his next science fiction film, Daimler could deliver the right car to do so. The five-meter-long study F125 nestles like a giant silver droplets on the road. For boarding doors slide up, the passengers huddle in their four single seats. The hardware of the S-class of the future has it all and shows the progress expected in the coming years, the Stuttgart-based – for example a new technology for hydrogen fuel and a breakthrough in lithium-ion batteries. Even otherwise, the engineers have almost everything packed into the F125, which just floating around in trialling, development or basic research stage.
Mercedes F 125 concept 2But first things first. Propulsion for the F125! – The exclamation point is part of the official spelling, Daimler’s marketing strategists have apparently one too many times to Wolfsburg for the VW Up! watched – by electric motors. The pick up their electricity from a new type of lithium-sulfur battery. The need as an energy buffer. The current for the battery in turn supplies a fuel cell. You will be fueled with hydrogen, the produziert.Zu in a chemical reaction with oxygen, the energy is all over the river system also plug-in capability. This means that the battery is being fed not only by the fuel cell, but gets by charging at the socket – for the F125, even the non-contact inductive load provided – a store of energy. Only when that is depleted after 50 miles, must stand in the fuel cell. Wage of the complex system: The F125 will have a range of 1000 kilometers. And the totally emission-free, provided the electricity generation from renewable energy sources alone.
Mercedes F 125 concept 3The propulsion of the futuristic luxury carriage is provided by four electric motors placed near the wheels. The SLS from the AMG E-Cell system allows a more advanced four-wheel drive, which Mercedes calls e4MATIC. Each wheel is controlled individually it electronically. The rear motors reach a peak power of 100 kW (136 hp) with 200 Nm of torque, which bring it to the front of 50 kW (68 hp) with 75 Nm. The total capacity is a maximum of 230 kW (313 hp). From 0 to 100 km / h, the car accelerates in 4.9 seconds, maximum is 220 km / h in it. Thanks to air suspension is the car most comfortable ride bieten.Als fuel used in the luxury cruiser 7.5 kg of hydrogen, which is pumped under relatively low pressure (30 to 80 bar) in a so-called structurally integrated composite memory. “This memory is a technological revolution,” says Thomas Weber, Daimler Board of Management Development, “for he first time allows to integrate the hydrogen tank completely into the body structure. In the future, with zero-emission fuel cell vehicles could drive to achieve coverage of current diesel vehicles, without your space is limited, “Weber is in prospect.
Mercedes F 125 concept 4Instead of big bulky tank cylinders as with previous fuel cell vehicles of memory consists of a tightly knit structure of porous solids, which have an enormous internal surface area – up to 10,000 square meters per gram memory technology is still in basic research, production-ready, they should at Daimler until his 2025th Also in development is the lithium-sulfur battery capacity of 10 kWh. With its particularly high storage density of 350 Wh per kg at the cellular level is the source of power is about twice as efficient as current lithium-ion Akkus.Innovationen the F125 delivers not only the drive. The body of the study was done in hybrid lightweight construction. A mix of carbon fiber-reinforced materials, aluminum and high strength steel reduces the weight of the star speeder. The bodyshell brings only 250 kilos, about 40 percent less current than a comparable vehicle. By protective systems within the doors, the car can do without a B-pillar.
Mercedes F 125 concept 5The navigation and entertainment system of the F125 is operated primarily by language and gestures, as well as it can before the trip on the phone setting remotely. By a voice command like “Please play romantic music,” the technique responds to the mood of the driver – that sounds like the super computer of the starship Enterprise. The F125 is available online in the “cloud” permanently. The instrument cluster behind the steering wheel is shown in three dimensions. The controls on the center console you must press not once, but move your finger a few millimeters above. Panoramic cameras replace the Außenspiegel.Bei so much technology, the next step is only logical. What is already being tested by several car manufacturers, should be at 2025 Daimler reality: The F125 runs on demand, at least partially autonomous. For lane changing and overtaking on the motorway the car needs thanks to the “advanced driving assist” any more pilots.Mercedes F 125 concept 6

Mercedes F 125 concept 7

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