Mercedes Benz Atego Hybrid 2The hybrid technology currently holds not only feeds into the normal car, but also more and more into the big trucks. The hybrid version of the Atego is now even won!
Mercedes Benz Atego Hybrid 3In fact, the Mercedes Atego BlueTec Hybrid is just the winners of the innovation contest “365 Landmarks in the Land of Ideas” were nominated. A miracle is not safe, the Atego BlueTec Hybrid is the first hybrid truck in series at all, consumption, such as CO2 emissions have been minimized thanks to hybrid drive around ten to 15 percent, as the noise level.
Mercedes Benz Atego Hybrid 4During braking and thrust wins the Mercedes Atego BlueTec Hybrid back thanks to regenerative braking energy, which flows directly into the lithium-ion batteries and can be retrieved when needed. Now, the hybrid Truckers – excellent, where the prize is awarded by the initiative, together with Deutsche Bank, Federal President Christian Wulff also acts as patron – and for the community production of the Mercedes plants in Wörth and Mannheim.Mercedes Benz Atego Hybrid 5The idea of ​​a hybrid trucks in some places seems to arrive definitely, 100 models from Mercedes Atego BlueTec Hybrid was able to sell the Stuttgart manufacturer before. When driving a four-cylinder diesel with 4.8 liters and is 218 hp (160 kW), which is coupled to an electric motor with an additional 60 hp (44 kW). Designed the Mercedes Atego BlueTec Hybrid finally can move as a parallel hybrid, the hybrid Brummi even alone with his electric motor, a start-stop system is also on board.Mercedes Benz Atego Hybrid 6

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