Mercedes Unimog U 4000 1The Unimog U 4000 professional adventurers can now also control the remote campsites. Thanks to a huge residential development of four-wheel drive is the mobile home. The features of the Unimog can miss any comfort. The Unimog has been known for decades as an off-road all-purpose weapon – whether for foresters, farmers and road workers. Even in long-distance travel is the universal use of motor-unit is a popular base. Now, even with the Mercedes’ all-conquering “the campers in their sights. Thanks to a 4.35 long and 1.95 meters high residential cabin on the rear axle, the Unimog for long distance driving motorhome from the factory.
Mercedes Unimog U 4000 2

Mercedes Unimog U 4000 3Travel Unimog with kitchen, bathroom and TV area

Special vehicle expert Michael Bocklet developed with his team Koblenzer the container structure for the Unimog U 4000th In it, the professional globetrotters will find everything you could need for a comfortable crossing the Sahara. The practical angle kitchen is equipped with two burner gas stove, sink and drainers. The toilet compartment has a cassette toilet, sink and shower. Must do without hot water thanks to a combination of motorized adventurers Gas-/Elektroboilers not. If it is hot outside, can the luxury adventure with cold drinks from the refrigerator 110 liters of Compressor refresh. For warm nights in colder regions provides an Eberspächer hot air heating. The enormous power requirements of electrical equipment is covered, including through a 260 watt solar panels on the roof of the building. Other amenities include a LCD television with satellite dish and DVD player. Unimog Power: 218 hp diesel bringing 8.5 tonnes of momentum
Mercedes Unimog U 4000 4The most important place in the Unimog is still in the cab, which is connected by a corridor with the residential building. From the cozy comfort of sitting in the driver can specify not only the 4.8-liter four-cylinder diesel, the spores, but also regulate the pressure of single tires per switch. The 218 hp of compression-ignition engine must last for a gross vehicle weight of 8.5 tons. If the four-wheel drive and differential locks front and rear axle suddenly no longer sufficient in an emergency the pilot can get out by front winch awkward situations.
With a 290-liter fuel tank can also be easily traverse entire continents without refueling. Whoever the next camping trip without so much comfort, not to want, should already start saving. € 248 300 for calls on the Mercedes Unimog U 4000 with Bocklet camper.Mercedes Unimog U 4000 5

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