Mercedes slk 350 40A little over a year ago we reported in the form of several articles in detail about the then new energy and environmental testing center (ECC) of the BMW Group, located in the immediate vicinity of the FIZ in Munich’s north and over an altitude test stand, a cold test and an environmental wind tunnel features. Using the-art facility capable of simulating the engineers of the BMW Group with both extreme heat and cold as well as environmental factors such as rain or snow and prepare the vehicles making it ideal for such conditions. Compared to tests in the wild, the plant also has the advantage that the test results are reproducible and highly comparable.
Mercedes slk 350 41The benefits to the ECC for the BMW Group brings with it, then obviously you want to admire in Stuttgart today no longer stand by and has introduced two new climatic wind tunnels, which were taken after two years of construction into operation.
Mercedes slk 350 42Again, rain, snow, extreme temperatures and wind speeds are simulated reproducible, which reduces the required amount of test runs away from home. During the cold channel covers a temperature range of minus 40 to plus 40 degrees, can be represented in the hot channel temperatures of minus 10 to plus 60 degrees Celsius. The effects of rain, snow and sun exposure can be tested in the channels, so they offer a similar extent as the systems of BMW.
Mercedes slk 350 43Both channels can achieve wind speeds of up to 265 km / h and are thus suitable for all vehicle types. The humidity can be adjusted depending on the experimental setup 5-95 percent. An impression of the capabilities of the new system also provides the following video, the Mercedes has today published together with some pictures.
Mercedes slk 350 44Dr. Thomas Weber (Vice President Group Research and Mercedes-Benz Cars): “Even in the arctic part of Sweden prevail in winter not always as deep sub-zero temperatures as we would like our test drives, nor can we for driving tests in mid-summer extreme heat, for example the infamous Death Valley in left America forever. In our new air-wind tunnels, we own all of the desired climatic conditions similar all year round, whenever necessary. And all with very tight tolerances so that the measurements are reproducible at any time. Under the open sky that is not feasible. ”
Mercedes slk 350 45Ulrich Mellinghoff (Head of Mercedes-security development): replace “We wind through the new air-channels are not the road test, but they can be significantly reduced and we are prepared to go into it much better. For example, many are already sorted out in 20 variants for a shield in the engine-air wind tunnel, which does not bring the desired effect. Then we go with only two or three of the most promising options in the practical test. So we save in the long run tests on the road and the maturity of our prototype is still higher. This means that we quickly reach our ambitious goals “.Mercedes slk 350 46

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