MINI Countryman Prodrive 4A commitment to motor sport is always the ideal base for communication between the sportiness of a brand and it goes without saying that MINI would also benefit from the sales figures used in the World Rally Championship. Besides a rather difficult to measure the effect on the overall brand image, it will in future also be a road vehicle that is placed in direct connection with the rally is based on the four-door sports and Countryman.
MINI Countryman Prodrive 2In the UK there are now some AutoCar spyshots that have arisen directly from Prodrive, hoping for a package can be particularly hot. Prodrive is responsible for the use of the MINI John Cooper Works WRC in the World Rally Championship and the complex has four-wheel drive technology developed almost single-handedly. That the similarities with the standard on the rally car are virtually non-existent, of course with a view of the competitive environment by itself.
MINI Prodrive 3If you can close out the pictures of the white Countryman with a large rear wing that Prodrive is involved in the development of the hot Countryman, this is likely in any case relatively complex changes to the series, and thus a vehicle that not only along dynamically and visually from normal MINI Cooper S ALL4 Countryman stands at 184 horsepower.
MINI Countryman Prodrive 1Almost certainly, is that the Countryman John Cooper Works on the 211-hp four-cylinder with twin scroll turbocharging has that drives the other JCW models. The AutoCar even speculated on a model with more than 230 hp, what remains to be seen with regard to the displacement of 1.6 liters and the desired durability, however. Even with regard to the positioning of the vehicle is also expected that the spiced up with Prodrive Countryman has four-wheel drive ALL4, perhaps in a more severe and stern-heavy version designed

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