MINI Motorsport Germany Rally 2011Even better than the first day it went on Saturday for the team of MINI racing. In the first tarmac rally of the year to enjoy, when the other teams a head start smaller than usual, the MINI John Cooper Works WRC is the first permanently times go to the absolute top group. In the overall standings, the Frenchman Sébastien Ogier Sebéstien Loeb and Citroën are in at the top, even in third place followed but Dani Sordo in the first MINI. His team-mate Kris Meeke had now to contend with punctures and a broken wheel, but is still at a very good fifth place overall.
MINI Motorsport Germany Rally 2011 2Dave Wilcock (Technical Director): “This was another pretty good day. We started on the fourth and fifth place and are now at three and five. This can be seen. Dani came through the day without incident and drove in a duel with Mikko Hirvonen really good times. At last check, he has gone at breakneck speed, was only a few seconds behind Sebastien Ogier and was second fastest. During this stretch, we were much quicker than the Ford drivers. In this special stage I was any case have been particularly strained. We wanted to see where we stand when the others work perfectly. This is only our third rally. We know we can still improve on that. But we have set the bar high before. Kris had a great day, he took fifth place in attack. Petter Solberg moved to the first test in the morning past him, but had a few problems. Kris felt the same way. This was a scary moment on the final exam when he was traveling slowly because of a damaged wheel. He lies still before Solberg. Kris needs to come clean by tomorrow, while Dani is to consolidate third place. Hirvonen will make every effort to oust him even more. Our goal is to stay on the podium. Because we feel very comfortable there and want to keep this position absolutely. ”
MINI Motorsport Germany Rally 2011 4Dani Sordo: “Frankly, we did not expect at the first asphalt rally with our car right at the third place to lie. I’m really pleased with our vehicle. We have made some changes on the set-up. Today was the MINI then really good mood and allowed me to run fast times. Tomorrow we will just continue where we left off today and try to get on the podium. The distance is long but not large enough to feel safe. You can always incur both a puncture or rotate. Maybe the weather is bad. I waste no thought to the podium, but also just want to get good performance on the last day. The most important thing is that we can compete with the competition. If we later make the planned modifications to the car, we should be free to move them really close. “MINI Motorsport Germany Rally 2011 4Kris Meeke: “We had some minor problems and have us on the 13th A puncture test is introduced. Everyone here seems to have any trouble. Dani and Sébastien Ogier are the only two pilots in front of the field which have hitherto been without a flat tire by the rally. This event will once again have proved to be a great challenge for all. We have in this respect, just a bit unlucky. On the second trip through the armor plate section, the car has felt nervous under braking. I am somewhat slipped and touched a small rock slightly. Here, a rim is broken and we had to fight for the rest of the test with massive vibrations. Whenever we came clean through the stages, we were fast on the pace and could go along the top. But overall we were not consistent enough. But that is yet to come. After all, this is only my second WRC start on asphalt.

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