Mitsubishi I MiEV 2011 1It must just be electric

If a week long instead of electricity flowing through the motor octane Sprit’s editorial vision, the enthusiasm of the sports car club holds an affinity fundamentally limited. If the corresponding, purely electric vehicle to be moved, then and still looks like the Mitsubishi. I- MiEV looks flat, it is very quick to pass with the willingness to report. Now we want but of course not entirely be understood as Neanderthals Benzinvernichter, who refused any progress on alternative fuels, completely. And so we come after seven days of intense electric subcompact study some unexpected findings. Above all, then that there is still a lot wrong.
Mitsubishi I MiEV 2011 5Airy, but simply

About the memorable look of the I- MiEV example, one can even argue in front admirably. Whether it is the Japanese ideal of a small car that so strongly diverges from ours, or the notion that an e-, Mobile would therefore are particularly cute, futuristic … over the look, that’s for sure, the current border Mitsubishi will not ever sell. A certain unease is, moreover, when a frontal view of the electro-dwarf, he appears with a width of only 1.475 meters, 1.61 meters in height, but severely unstable and fragile. Inside, however, surprisingly little of it to remember. Four people found in the 3.475 meters long I- MiEV surprisingly airy and 227 liters of luggage space and ride more. If you fold to comprehensively takes the Japanese to even 860 liters. As nice as it is ordered by the pioneer of the small space feel so bad about it is the impression of quality and flair in the cockpit. Dashboard and seats have a particularly easy, and a lot of bad information is not over in the ads. An after-market rather antiquated and therefore, complements the upcoming radio uncharitable impression. By a pioneer of the automotive future, we would have just expected something more in terms of infotainment.Mitsubishi I MiEV 2011 2Research forward
However, let’s forget all that has led here to a mild irritation. The real revolution finally seated in the rear, or underneath the vehicle. The 49 kW / 67 hp permanent synchronous motor drives in the I- MiEV, in fact, to the rear wheels. The lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 16 kWh resides under the floor. So let’s start the future: If you turn the key completely ordinary in a completely normal “ignition switch” happens on a short beep and felt absolutely nothing. Ready is the engine of course anyway, and now for something Hakel Rührerei in the automatic shift gate that hums quietly away from I- Mobile. Who (like most) driving dynamics as well as expected, nothing will quickly learn a lesson. With relatively tight 180 Nm, torque applied from the start due to the type and permanently. You’re just in town for the relevant speed and surprisingly quick move. Funnily enough, and for taking appropriate research, we have the factory specification of 15.9 seconds for the 0-100-sprint with a time of 13.7 seconds almost pulverized. Not very sporty, but still somewhat casual of the I- MiEV will also reach its highest possible speed of 130 km / h.Mitsubishi I MiEV 2011 3Mitsubishi I MiEV 2011 4

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