New chevrolet 2011 1 Twin brother of the Opel Ampera
In November comes the Chevrolet Volt, the Opel Ampera twin brother, on the German market. Both cars are technically identical serial plug-in hybrids. Two electric motors drive the car in any driving situation with a maximum of 111 kW (150 hp) of pure electric, lithium-ion battery provides the energy. He is charged at a charging station or in four hours on an ordinary household outlet (230 volts / 16 amps). A 1.4-liter and 86 hp gasoline engine as a range extender provides electricity when needed to keep the battery in a defined state of charge and thus to extend the range.

Theory and practice
The pilot can decide for themselves how a range extender and electric motor will share the work. In normal mode, the Volt runs as long as electric, as it allows the battery management system. These are ideally up to 80 kilometers. The test car started its journey with a fully charged battery at 72 kilometer range. On mountainous roads in Switzerland, they quickly shrank to 40 kilometers, but then the ‘wow’ factor: For a long downhill in energy stocks climbed through regenerative braking (regenerative braking energy) within a few minutes back to 70 kilometers. Overall, the Volt’s Range Extender through a range of around 500 kilometers, which was confirmed at least according to onboard computer computation even in testing.New chevrolet 2011 2Faster than the Prius
The Volt is preparing quite fun to drive. The pulling power is neat, overtaking the Americans depend on every Toyota Prius – and the pesky without the rubber band effect of a continuously variable transmission. From 0 to 100 km / h of electricity runs in nine seconds. On the highway at 161 km / h circuit, but even at a speed of 150 volts is pleasantly quiet. However, the battery supply then drops relatively quickly.

The switching in the Range Extender is done either automatically or by pressing a button. In the “Hold” mode conserves battery current is virtually the range, to use them later – which is intended for environmental zones, where one can go only emission-free. The gasoline engine turns on but smooth and almost imperceptible, but the Range Extender mode is used to. At full throttle, the engine is fairly noisy, but deferred to the acceleration – he finally has no connection to the drive axle, but only charges the battery as a power generator. For the first 100 kilometers of the official total consumption is 1.2 liters, if the battery is fully charged. Consumption increases, of course, if you frequently use the Range Extender. During the tests with a few kilometers in the “hold” mode, the consumption leveled one at 2.2 liters. If you drive with range extender, the Volt is about the consumption to the level of a fuel-efficient diesel cars. Those who frequently uses the car in the city, but it should usually make do with the pure battery range.
New chevrolet 2011 3The spaciousness of the Volt is manageable. Four adults can comfortably accommodate the flat trunk reached its 310 liters not even golf-level. After all, the Volt with ESP, air conditioning, cruise control, CD radio, heated leather seats, is equipped very well. Unfortunately, we must pay for the parking aid with rearview camera (€ 700) and the navigation system (€ 1,850 ) extra charge.

Actually, the success of the Volt should not stand in the way if not for the price. Even if you have to invest a thousand less than the Opel Ampera: For € 41 950  gets you anywhere, any time a larger, more luxurious and also economical car with a diesel engine. Chevrolet expects to find its customers as well as in the “bacon belt of urban centers,” where staying environmentally conscious earners and yet still want a car. “Early adopters” is called the auto industry to customers who like to play a technological pioneer. However, the Americans set to sell the Volt in Germany, where it is in contrast to the USA, France or the Netherlands has no direct government funding Stromer, even big hurdles. For the car dealer is anything but attractive. They had to apply for out of pocket and make substantial investments – for example, charging stations, and special training for service staff to service the electric cars can do. “This requires a high-voltage training,” says Joerg choice, Director of e-mobility in the U.S. brand. For now, the Volt will be only ten out of 350 German Chevrolet dealers can buy, so choice.

Already famous in the documentary “Who killed the electric car” was to see why electricity for car dealers are not necessarily attractive: in one scene wearing various parts are spread out, make a car with a combustion engine for secure source of income. Electric cars have much less wear and tear. After all, the Volt has a gasoline engine, but the drivers do not use many times. Investigations at Volt drivers in the U.S. have shown that is fueled by an average of only 1,600 kilometers. “The oil change intervals depend for example on how often you need the range extender,” says Jörg choice. Chevrolet granted on the Voltec powertrain, including the lithium-ion battery for a period of eight years or 160,000 kilometers. Since the use of 16 kWh battery capacity is only 10 kWh and the battery is never fully discharged, the engineers from a long life.New chevrolet 2011 4

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