2012 Mazda Takeri 2The near-production Takeri to give the Japanese public exhibition in Tokyo a taste of the new Mazda 6, which is celebrated in about a year its official world premiere. Visually, the dynamic four-door car based on the interesting design of the study Shinari, which was launched one year ago. He acts but not so powerful and flat as the concept model of the Shinari, with the design line “Kodo – The Soul of Motion” was introduced. But does the chief designer Ikuo Maeda designed by Takeri who will wear again later as a production model called the Mazda 6, significantly more muscular and more elegant than the current six. During this one European / Asian American and a larger sized version existed, it is the successor to be only a vehicle that is produced in central Japan. In addition to the coupe-like sedan is scheduled to focus on the European market, an additional station wagon version. A hatchback version in the future there should be no longer good.
2012 Mazda Takeri 1new engines will reduce fuel consumption significantly
The Mazda 6 will be the second company vehicle that gets the new generation of Skyactiv engines. These will be introduced early next year with the crossover CX-5 in the series. While competition in the largely middle class relies on direct injection with turbocharging, the Japanese build at least the gasoline to conventional methods for greater efficiency. The gasoline direct injection according to Mazda with 14:1 has the world’s highest compression ratio of a gasoline engine for high-volume vehicles. The weight of the aggregate Skyactiv shrinks in comparison to the predecessor by ten percent, the losses due to friction within the engine, the engineers were able to reduce by 30 percent. The diesel engine Mazda Skyactiv-D relies on a two-stage turbocharging. Weight and friction have also been reduced, the consumption is expected to decrease compared to the current 2.2-liter diesel engine by 20 percent.
2012 Mazda Takeri 3

In Europe, the drive program of the Mazda 6 Skyactiv-G 2.0 petrol engine and the Skyactiv-D include 2.2-diesel engine in various power ratings from 120 to around 200 hp at first. The core of gasoline will have as the CX-5 with a two-liter engine with 121 kW / 165 hp. More powerful versions of the front-wheel drive are also being planned with MPS as a sports version 6 and four-wheel drive models. The diesel engine range extends initially up to the 2.2-liter common rail diesel engine with 125 kW / 175 PS and 400 Nm of torque. All engines are equipped with regenerative braking, start-stop system and are available with a manual transmission and six-speed automatic. The most fuel-efficient versions will consume significantly less than five liters of diesel per 100 kilometers.
2012 Mazda Takeri 6

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