LP640 Design 1Albino bat in the Fall Career
The Lamborghini Murciélago is – like Sylvester Stallone, but more on that later – in the twilight of his career. 2011, the V12 mid-engine burner is replaced by a successor. But, as in the Hollywood dream factory has one at JB Car Design a heart for oldies. Therefore, the sports car specialist revamped from the vicinity of Aachen, the bat – that the German translation for Murciélago – on all around. Bodykit, lighting, performance, rims, exhaust, interior and paint package – CEO Juergen Becker, the all-inclusive package that includes a new logical name. The current Murciélago LP 640 is transformed into the Bat LP 640 and thus in an extremely strong albino bat.
LP640 Design 2Innocent as “The Italian Stallion”
Even all-white – the special paint costs at least € 9700 – is the Lamborghini Murcielago, therefore anything but innocent – the closest parallel to the “Italian Stallion”. The LP 640 is at bat, especially the extravagant body kit. “As sharp as Rambo knife” JB’s motto seems to have been the design of the exterior package to sein.Besonders extremely presents itself in this regard, the front bumper and side air outlets, including carbon spoiler lip. Shave the corners sure anything that gets in their way. There was but a decrease in the tolerant TÜV auditors at work … There are also side fins and a rear bumper. This really fits harmoniously into the Murciélago not design one, but it generates in connection with the 2,800-euro-ground-effect underbody additional downforce optimization. This is also the task of the rear wing in the typical Lamborghini design.
LP640 Design 3Fit like Rocky after training camp
Of course, also experiences the V12 engine from the 640er Murciélago a complete renovation. Thanks to classic engine tuning, modified engine electronics and a new air filter system of the LP 640 is as fit as Rocky in training camp after a slaughterhouse. 750 hp are available now, also due to the changes on the exhaust side. New manifold, 200-cell sport catalysts and a fold-controlled exhaust system can exhale release the Lambo. At the discounted rate, there is the power increase of course not: 28.500 € Jürgen Becker calls for the engine tuning. More economical contemporaries turn to the “small” solution: There are 710 hp for “only” 19,500 Euro. Anyone who is able to treat should be composed of the 970 € for the LED daytime running lights from complete smile reconstruction, interior, engine compartment and license plate lights, door heaters can just tired.LP640 Design 4

LP640 Design 5

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